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them to earn a living. This has been forced upon us by changing employment patterns, but it also brings to the surface the fact that, in some ways, this is what people have always done inside the structure of jobs for life. People have developed skills and reputations that have enabled them to go on

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-old Frenchwoman currently studying in Italy under the ERASMUS exchange program. Sitting on a terrace with her new friends from the four corners of Europe, she admits to living the greatest “human adventure” of her life. Omar is 21 years old and lives in Tunis. Having waited over two months for a reply from

In: Critical Perspectives on International Education

because this relationship can cause children to feel either loved and worthy or unloved and unworthy (Honneth, 1996; Nussbaum, 2005). These feelings can stay with a person for the rest of his/her life. Additionally, the degree to which parents are able to teach their children to respect their

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Justice. Involve groups prominent because of their previous lack of participation in community life. Secure the cooperation and leadership skills of role models who are socially-motivated and have a facility for working with at-risk citizens for whom learning is potentially life transforming. Make

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unqualified young workers (in the tourism sector, for instance), but also in an educational system which is unable to motivate and retain youths within the system. Educational reforms are failing to address the need of these youngsters. XAVIER BONAL 168 Most of them are incapable of defining a life

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, Life-space Career Development theory, the process of living and working is dynamic and not a static phenomenon, and the context or life-space in which living and working takes place is dynamic. Having the flexibility to adapt to change is seen as a necessary component of Life-span, the life

In: Comparative Education for Global Citizenship, Peace and Shared Living through uBuntu

in general terms as ‘Arab culture’. However, my parents had each come from villages in Jordan, and had lived largely rural lives; thus, their views were also about these experiences. At that time, living in a large city in New York, it was difficult for me to understand the world from their

In: Educators of the Mediterranean......Up Close and Personal

lived for over four decades before moving to Canada, remains for me a formative experience in engaging what it means to be a Palestinian Arab living in Israel, in a neglected and impoverished neighbourhood, subject to intense ‘Judaizing’ (yihoud, in Hebrew) urban zoning master plan policies, and in

In: Educators of the Mediterranean......Up Close and Personal

living in huge shanty towns, with few basic services, and with few prospects for those who have come from the countryside to enjoy the good life in the city. Ibrahim is IO years old and lives in a rural area of eastern Ethiopia. When he began primary school (in a new school about 6 kilometers from

In: Education, Poverty and the World Bank

provide conditions for different cultures and national groups living together within a territory to maintain open relations of interaction, exchange and mutual recognition of their own and respective values and ways of life. This implies a process of active tolerance and the maintenance of equitable

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