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like to be in control Happy to be anonymous when I choose which is why I like living in a city This point in my life working only the hours I want my brain still functioning enough good friends a satisfying social life and a strong relationship with S [partner] and A [older son] I

In: Creative Practitioner Inquiry in the Helping Professions

professionals – in a contemporary world worth living in. Once upon a time, before the Scholastics of the medieval era, education was always regarded as a preparation for life, not as a preparation for assessments, examinations and qualifications. In those days, education was always practice-based. My

In: Practice-Based Education

a further activity. Such an activity is a person’s end: it is that for the sake of which she acts. A student might take courses and do coursework, for example, for the sake of advancing career prospects, living the good life, or surviving to the end of the semester, just as a teacher might give

In: Practice-Based Education

really a human attempt to satisfy this desire to move in the right direction. Everyone needs to discover a reason for living, since without a purpose, life is simply an existence. My purpose in life has been to engage in continuous learning. I make my work exciting and enjoyable so that there is no

In: Action Learning and Action Research

, “you.” I, therefore, return to this issue in the last section of this chapter, where I consider the ethical implications of saying “you.” EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE DIMENSIONS OF LIFE-WORLD EXPERIENCE Any study of lived experience or research motivated by a phenomenological question is, in effect, an

In: Hermeneutic Phenomenology in Education

based around an auto-ethnographic exploration of a coaching-life, of his life. In this moment in his living it is social science that draws him in, that meets his need for a 167 WRITING FORMS OF FICTION: GLIMPSES ON THE ESSENCE OF SELF way of exploring a different way of knowing...that’s what he needs

In: Contemporary British Autoethnography

-concept – Impact of CKD on their personal-family lifeLiving with CKD Analysis of the written narratives indicated the following topics or themes. The Change of Meaning of Everyday Life and Self-Concept CKD makes a marked difference between children who experience it and those who

In: Contemplative Practices for Sustaining Wellness

with courteous friendly helpful staff. We get along with fractured English and my Albanian phrase book. I was going to become a tourist; an activity that is often conventionally understood to be motivated by a desire to escape ‘normal’ life (Rojek, 1993). People usually have a choice in their

In: Contemporary British Autoethnography
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how does that influence your research? Pam: I see my role as an educator in the form of a motivator, role model, and an “out of the box” representative for innovative alternatives in the field of education that will promote life-long learning. I interact with students and es- sentially tap into

In: Doing Educational Research

work with their own people in their community; and (3) Personal Development, which was expressed in three ways: (3A) job related (seven students), that is wanting to improve their job and thereby possibly their living conditions; (3B) to pursue further learning/knowledge, six students reported

In: Mixed Methodology in Psychological Research