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-page introduction to a collection of sermons (most preached in Rugby school chapel) published in May of 1841 as Christian Life, Its Course, Its Hindrances, and Its Helps. The title captured the importance he placed on Christianity as a pattern of living. He adopted a calmer tone and a more methodical approach

In: A Sincere and Teachable Heart

Porphyry that Augustine views as contradictory. One of them is the Epistula ad Anebontem and the other is unnamed. It would be incorrect, however, to limit the charge of contradiction merely to the two writings which are adduced as proof, rather it is a charge against the pagan Platonist life in general

In: Augustine and Porphyry

France for much of his life - and his wife Odile Tobner published an important bi-monthly radical, social and political magazine entitled Peuples Noires - Peuples Africains. In addition to papers of a political and militant nature it contained frequent scholarly contributions on African writing, articles

In: The African Studies Companion

demonstration of attitudes towards death and beliefs about the role of the dead among the living. The Ndau do not believe that death signals and represents the end of life. In the same vein and perhaps more importantly, the Ndau do not believe that death just happens. It is caused by human agency out of

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correct when he describes prayer as one of the ways by which the living in Africa express their dependence on God and the ancestors. Prayer, as Magesa conceives it, is a way of admitting that in life there are moments when the restoration of order and harmony in the individual person, in the community

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rights, overall experience of life (are the EU indicators). The nine indicators resulted in IWI values within 50–60 scores. A similar study by Xue (2018) had seven well-being indicators adopted from EU. These were: standard of living, health, life achievements, personal relationship, personal safety

In: The African Review

, degrowth, and a steady state economy …” (p. 13). Making land the most fundamental priority of all commons not only gives hope for protecting the environment from further profit-motivated destruction; it also opens up opportunities for creating a new world in which economy, environment, and society are

In: Utafiti

-human living kingdom. Setiloane (1998) analysed the Bantu genesis myths and generated plenty evidence that points to the belief that human beings belong to the same community as animals, plants and inanimate beings, and that they succeed in life when they maintain a healthy relationship with all beings in

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