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). Souls wander from birth to birth within and between these categories as determined by the karmic accumulations that they bear. Every living thing that is not a human, deity, or hell dweller belongs to the plant and animal category, which is known as the tiryañcagati . This category is elaborately

in Brill's Encyclopedia of Jainism Online

silent study. Part of a broader cultural turn toward leisure as a new and necessary ideal of humane living, the promotion of the childlike child was an attempt to re- fashion the child’s life to alleviate the strain of academic preparation, to ignite a debate about modernity’s underside, and, among

In: Children as Treasures

the evolutionary emergence of a new type of material being living a "divine life."25 While mystic experi­ ence does stand out not only justificationally but in his idea of the nature of divine life, Aurobindo's stress is on a continuity, mutual value, and mutual reality obtaining between the

In: Aurobindo's Philosophy of Brahman