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Author: Aida A. Bamia

revolution is part of the Palestinian revolution and the Palestinian revolution is part of the world revolution".l This awareness guided the path of the Palestinian women in real life, as early as 1925, when Mary Shehadeh, a journalist was quoted saying: "I was extremely interested in the question of

In: Tradition, Modernity, and Postmodernity in Arabic Literature
Author: Maria Wurm

every situation of life and at every time of the day: when getting up, on the way to university, when tidying up, having dinner with friends or going to sleep. Th ey use music to relax and to motivate themselves. Sometimes music serves even as a substitute for a family in the form of background

In: Islam and Muslims in Germany
Author: Sahabat Tezcan

pregnancies were carried to term, but that a significant number were ended by abortion. In Turkey, it is illegal to end pregnancies with abortion in cases other than where there is a threat to maternal life (health reason), or of deliver- ing a malformed child (eugenic reason). However, reality does not

In: Women in Turkish Society
Author: Nefissa Naguib

, and cultural changes occur as part of longer or shorter processes of transformation. My focus will be on the third temporal aspect—that of individual events. Th is type of temporality, according to Braudel, does not have a lasting impact on cultural context. Although this chapter is motivated by

In: Interpreting Welfare and Relief in the Middle East
Author: Halim Barakat

the life and works of Arab-American writers is part of a much broader attempt at free exploration into the nature of an intricate process of inter-relationships between creativity and exile. In a previous unpublished work in Arabic, I originally conducted such an inquiry focusing on literary

In: Tradition, Modernity, and Postmodernity in Arabic Literature
Author: Gill Cressey

. Amongst cousins there are potential husbands and wives, and life-long peer relations. Cousins are the same generation but living in another space and what feels like another time. Marrying a cousin includes the experience of journeying with them across that space and time. Differentiated generation units

In: Diaspora Youth and Ancestral Homeland
Author: Engseng Ho

Whether one feels comfortable or happy being in a place is affected by many things: the ability to make a living, how one gets along with kin, the colour of one's skin, the sensual experience of the place, even the sun. A_ place, experienced as a totality, determines one's well being in numerous ways

In: Hadhrami Traders, Scholars and Statesmen in the Indian Ocean, 1750s-1960s
Author: T. Aftab

): 55–70. Muslim women living a life in pardah developed their own idioms and expressions in the Urdu language. With social changes, especially access to new education, this language almost disappeared. However, it tells us a great deal about ‘the way Muslim women lived, thought and felt’ half a

In: Inscribing South Asian Muslim Women

Western Europe. A second wave of immi- gration came after the collapse of the Soviet system in 1990. Immigrant groups included Czechs living in Russia, and people from Ukraine, Greece and Arab countries. Then, more and more people have come from the Balkans, Afghanistan (war immigrants), Pakistan, and

In: Educational Strategies among Muslims in the Context of Globalization

traditional Jewish education in Bible and Talmud, the Arabic education of an adib or e failasuf. The polymath soon became an honoured figure in Andalusi Jewry. Hasday's Jewish circle joined the larger society by living as Arabicised a life as possible, within the limits imposed on the one hand by Islamic

In: The Legacy of Muslim Spain