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Author: F. Menghistu

to live is not to live as one wishes. 1 It is not a right to an appropriate standard of living 2 which is recognized in Articles 11 and 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The human right to life per se, it is added, is a civil right and it does not guarantee

In: The Right to Life in International Law
Author: J. Marshall

disabilities could all be seen as within this category. Talking of identity- forming attachments, Raz says: All aspects of one’s identity become a positive force in one’s life only if embraced and accepted as such. Th ey are the sources of meaning in one’s life, and sources of responsibilities: my special

In: Personal Freedom through Human Rights Law?
Author: A. Redelbach

situations. On the other hand, a state can outlaw a terrorist organization because its aim is the destruction of the right to life. According to international regulations, the admissibility of deprivations of life may be motivated if it excludes "arbitrarness", the essence of which is that no one shall

In: The Right to Life in International Law
Author: Matthew Craven

of those governments involved in the creation of the post-war institutional complex of human rights, whose actions may be under- stood either as a startling act of self-denial motivated by lofty ideals,3 or as a cynical act of appeasement that had, as its end, a legitimisation of their subsequent

In: National Perspectives on Housing Rights
Authors: D. Evans and Weber

terms cannot be understood in isolation from each other and, indeed, from the broader context of Article 9. (A) The ‘Visibility’ of Religions and Beliefs in Public Life and in the Public Sphere Whilst the issue of wearing religious symbols in public areas is clearly a contentious issue, it is very

In: Council of Europe Manuals - Human Rights in Culturally Diverse Societies (2 vols.)

civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah which God made the best nation that has given mankind a universal and well-balanced civilization in which harmony is established between this life and the hereafter and knowledge is com- bined with faith; and the role that this Ummah should play to guide

In: Legislating for Equality
Author: Joanna MacLean

humanitarian gesture'. In the words of the day: Even in the most desperately inhuman and violent situation, one humanita- rian gesture can be the spark that kindles a gleam of hope for a better way of life and eventually ignites the Harne of peace. When you reach out with open arms in a situation otherwise

In: Making the Voice of Humanity Heard
Author: Peter W. Edge

such as eternal life or beneficial reincarnation. It can, however, be difficult to divorce the secular characteristics which would flow from being raised in a particular tradition from value judgments about the general merits of that tradition, especially where a range of such characteristics are

In: Legal Responses to Religious Differences

can’t just abandon those people!” or: “Why should I risk my entire unit just to save one man?” or: “The commander must have had a good reason for giving these orders, so we’ll carry them out!” or: “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life thinking that I could have saved those people, but didn

In: Military Ethics
Authors: D. Evans and Weber

the rights and interests at stake and although the state enjoys a generous margin of appreciation in this regard, it is not unfettered. Whilst there may be no common European conception of the role of religion and belief in public life to inform the outcome, a number of key concepts have emerged

In: Council of Europe Manuals - Human Rights in Culturally Diverse Societies (2 vols.)