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encapsulates two fundamental features of the professional life of Fred Soons as an international lawyer. The first is a strong belief in inter- national law and the values that it serves; not because of any particular sub- stantive value like human rights, development or the protection of species, but

In: What's Wrong with International Law?
Author: Sanita Osipova

.2 Protection of a Person’s Right to Private Life and the Confidentiality of Personal Information 4.3 Physical Life is a Value, Whereas Health is a Value Subordinated to Life and Flowing from It 5 Summary and Reflection 1 Introduction Humanists first of all but later

In: International Law from a Baltic Perspective
Author: J. Ronald Engel

image of Adam and Eve and their descendants, fails to do so, Yahweh sends a flood that erases Earthly life and then makes a new covenant with creation, an “everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth” (Genesis 9:16) so that history might begin again

In: Property Rights and Sustainability

.83 In its General Comment, the Com- mission dedicates the final section to “Interpreting the right to life broadly.” The African Charter is a ground-breaking and living embodiment of the fact that all human rights are indivisible and inter-connected. Civil and political, social, economic and

In: The Pursuit of a Brave New World in International Law
Author: Nin Tomas

that possess all of the traits of a living person,”52 was dismissed with the statement that “objects or entities without any attributes of life in the observable or provable sense are generally not afforded a legally protected interest for standing purposes,”53 because no “comparable identifiable

In: Property Rights and Sustainability
Author: L. Ali Khan

informed by moral intelligence. The morally intelligent individual is not merely a consumer ofrights or a self-centered taker of benefits, but strikes a balance between taking and giving. The good life is therefore primarily transactional, motivated by the spirit of tijara, not merely in commerce but in

In: A Theory of Universal Democracy
Author: Peter Horsley

that the biosphere has a limited capacity to assimilate our environmental damage and still sustain life. It has a finite physical size; its various components, both living and nonliving, are deeply interdependent and interconnected; and the time scale for restoration is usually immense compared

In: Property Rights and Sustainability
Author: UNESCO

, nutrition and food technology, home economics and environmental improvement). Th ose programmes should: (a) orientate the special occupational fi eld to raising standards of living, in terms of nutrition, clothing, housing, medical services, the quality of family life and that of the environment; (b) be

In: Standard-Setting at UNESCO

coastal states. 2 While fishing on the high seas is guaranteed as a legal right, contemporary international law also affirms the duty of all states to take, or to cooperate with other states in taking, such measures as might be necessary for conservation of living resources of the high seas, as well

In: Antarctica and the Law of the Sea
Author: Silvia Borelli

Convention (above n. 1), Preamble. UNESCO Cultural Diversity Declaration (above n. 1), Article 4; see also Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, General Comment No. 21, Right of everyone to take part in cultural life (Arti- cle 15, para. 1 (a), of the International Covenant on Economic, Social

In: Cultural Heritage, Cultural Rights, Cultural Diversity