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individual living standards (Løwe, 1998; Rye, 2000). A major factor which influences current transitions in and recruitment to the farming sector, is that farming has changed from being a desirable profession, to become a characteristic and less attractive life-style for young inheritors. Urbanization

In: Changing European farming systems for a better future

Animal Sciences, Edgemond, TF10 8NB, United Kingdom, 3AHDB, Stoneleigh, CV8 2TL, United Kingdom; There is a public perception that dairy cows should be living a natural life outside in nature. However, traditional farming practice is to house cows indoors from late

In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level

arise and air will start moving. Living systems seem to defy the law of entropy. Rather than a destructive move towards more chaos, living systems actually develop in the direction of more and more order. Life on Earth began with primitive life forms that could sustain themselves and reproduce. It

In: Energising Networks

The arena of everyday life 81 6. Households and social networks in times of HIV/AIDS: a case from Tanzania Carolyne Nombo11 Abstract The household is important because it is the unit to which the generation of a livelihood is anchored. It is the arena where much of daily life takes place and

In: The arena of everyday life

pollution and human interaction with coral reefs – danger to the reefs, and actions being taken to preserve them. Coral reefs are primitive living structures that play a major role in supporting life on our planet and have a vital impact on humans. Individual corals are actually colonies of tiny animals

In: Young people, education, and sustainable development

-fi living ‘off-grid’. Also in this connection, the importance of sharing autobiography, for communication of important life experience – especially of initiation. Assuming an explanatory (Turnerian, Jungian) framework of contemporary initiation, Woodman (1985: 175ff.), a minister’s daughter from London

In: Anthropology and mysticism in the making of initiation

to discipline the migrants in Moria and other places, who are living a non-life, not unlike the shrivelled human heads on stakes that used to decorate the walls of medieval European cities to deter vagabonds from passing through the gates. Being told by their friendly lawyers to keep their heads

In: Engaged Encounters

responsible consumption should lead to an understanding of key concepts related to sustainability by linking a complex concept such as sustainable development to concrete, day-to-day life issues. Reflecting on personal consumption behaviours, assumptions, and experiences should enable students and young

In: Young people, education, and sustainable development

a household can command also sets limits on its expenditures and a household’s composition and phase in the life course (cf. Pennartz and Niehof, 1999) to a large extent determine the relative importance of different kinds of consumer goods and the way time, including leisure time, is spent

In: Changing families and their lifestyles

indicators of deprivation in the quality of life as measured by the UNDP’s Human Poverty Index (HPI) - the other two indicators are a lack of basic education, and a lack of access to public and private resources that allow a ‘decent’ standard of living (UNDP, 1997). Concerning children’s mortality and HIV

In: HIV/AIDS and human development in sub-Saharan Africa