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Author: Guifang Xue
This book deals with China’s response to international fisheries law and policy as envisaged in the LOSC framework and post-LOSC fisheries instruments. A substantial effort was made to examine the major areas of China’s national action on legislative harmonisation and policy adjustment to implement these instruments. China’s regional fisheries cooperation, in the form of bilateral agreements with Japan, South Korea and Vietnam, is evaluated to identify the progress already achieved and the problems that remain to be solved in managing the shared fish stocks between these maritime neighbours.
As the first monograph of its kind dealing with the complex issue of the global fisheries crisis and China’s fisheries management practice over a significant period of time, the book builds a bridge between China and the world for a better understanding of Chinese fisheries management. It will be of great value to academics, professionals, and policy-makers alike.
Author: Keyuan Zou
Being one of the largest coastal States in the world, China’s marine legal system is significant in the overall development of the international law of the sea. This book focuses on the establishment and development of China’s marine legal system in the context of the new law of the sea centered on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which China ratified in 1996. It consists of five parts concerning, respectively, a general survey of China’s marine legal system, navigation and maritime security, marine resources management, marine environmental protection and marine scientific research. China’s basic marine laws and regulations are discussed and assessed in detail throughout the book.
The book is of interest to lawyers, whether practicing or academic, officials in national governments and international organizations and students and scholars in academia, who are interested in international law, international relations and ocean affairs.
Author: Nengye Liu

Introduction In 1985, China National Fisheries Corporation, the largest state-owned fishing company in the country, sent its first distant water fishing fleet of 13 vessels to West Africa. Over the past 35 years, China has become the largest distant water fishing ( DWF ) State in the world

In: The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law
The focus of this book is on current ocean law and policy issues particularly in the region around China. A main emphasis is a comprehensive survey of Chinese positions on potential flashpoints such as delimitation in the East China Sea and South China Sea. Other topical subjects covered by both Chinese and outside experts are integrated coastal zone management, oil and gas development in the region, fishery management and enforcement, global advancements in marine science, commercial navigation challenges and protection of underwater cultural heritage sites. The authors make clear that there is a strong, shared commitment to cooperative solutions over maritime disputes within the framework of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The work will be useful to anyone concerned with law of the sea in general and the evolving attitudes of States near China in particular.
Author: Hui Yu

CASE STUDY OF CHINA HUIYU I INTRODUCTION 1.1 General geographical context China is a major coastal state with a continental coastline of some 18 000 km facing east and another 14 000 km of coastline around its 6 500 islands. Off the Chinese coast lie the South China Sea (3 500000 km2), the

In: Vessel-Source Pollution and Coastal State Jurisdiction
Author: J. Greenfield
Author: Yann-Huei Song

9. ONE CHINA, BUT TWO SETS OF MARITIME LEGISLATION: DEVELOPMENTS, IMPLICATIONS, AND CHALLENGES FOR THE UNITED STATES Y ANN-HUEI SONG I. INTRODUCTION In January 1998, Taiwan promulgated its Law on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone and its Law on the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and

In: Law of the Sea
A Study of U.S. Law, Chinese Law and International Conventions
Author: Xia Chen
Limitation of liability for maritime claims is an important system for the shipping industry. The original rationale for such a system was to encourage the shipping enterprise. However, in our today's much changed world, the system has been under severe attack and has been described as `hopelessly anachronistic'. Yet, the debate over repeal or retention of the system is far from settled.
This book traces the history and development of limitation law around the world. It compares various limitation laws in operation under different legal regimes. In particular, it analytically scrutinizes the limitation systems under U.S. law, Chinese law and international conventions. It explores the possibility of international uniformity of maritime limitation law and points out that complete uniformity will not be achieved unless the United States joins the international community. It concludes that although there is a need for reform of the system, limitation of liability for maritime claims is here to stay.
This book also thoroughly examines the limitation system under the Chinese legal regime through comparison with U.S. law and in the context of international conventions. Both practitioners and academic scholars will find this book helpful in understanding Chinese law in general and Chinese maritime limitation of liability in particular.
The legal and scientific aspects of continental shelf limits are of growing importance to those concerned with the international law of the sea. It is rare that the current thinking of both leading lawyers and scientists are brought together in one volume. Among the topics raised in this volume are: geomorphology and geology; ridge issues; Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf; shelf resources and current issues, such as the outer limit of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, evaluating U.S. data holdings relevant to the definition of continental shelf limits, delimiting China’s continental shelves and future directions of the International Seabed Authority. Lastly, the Under Secretary General for Legal Affairs, United Nations, H.E. Hans Corell, provides a strategic overview on the challenges in implementing international ocean governance. Another unique feature of the volume is that a CD is placed in the back cover containing visual materials not included in the printed text.