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variable, it equally reflects an aspect of national cultures, to the extent that different European countries show marked differences regarding authoritari- anism, differences that tend to remain relatively stable over the years (Mau and Verwiebe, 2010). We shall begin by studying the major value systems

In: European Values

) was employed for Bayesian inference (bi, Rannala & Yang, 1996) by simultaneously running two independent runs of four Markov chains (Mau & Newton, 1997) for 30 million generations and sampling each 3000th gen- eration. After verifying adequate sampling (ess > > 500) and convergence of traces of

splits transformation ( Dress & Huson, 2004 ), and with a support of 1000 bootstraps. MrBayes v.3.2.6 software ( Ronquist et al., 2012 ) was employed for Bayesian inference ( bi , Rannala & Yang, 1996 ) by simultaneously running two independent runs of four Markov chains ( Mau & Newton, 1997 ) for 30

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In: Contributions to Zoology

, Sotik, Kenya): limited by Western (Albertine) Rift Valley (particularly Lake Tanganyika) in the west; north by Pangani River, southern lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro/Mount Meru, southern lower slope of Mau Escarpment, southern edge of Lake Victoria, forest belt; east by Indian Ocean; south by

In: Folia Primatologica

Tang et al. Innov Educ (2020) 2:2 NON-EMPIRICAL RESEARCH Experiential learning with virtual reality: animal handling training Florence Mei Kuen Tang1* , Ray Mau Fung Lee2, Roy Hok Lai Szeto3, Justin Chak Ting Cheung1 and Olivia Miu Yung

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In: Innovation and Education

.3390/insects13040323 Nascimento , R.Q. , Di Mambro Ribeiro , C.V. , Colauto , N.B. , da Silva , L. , Lemos , P.V.F. , de Souza Ferreira , E. , Linde , G.A. , Machado , B.A.S. , Tavares , P.P.L.G. , Biasoto , A.C.T. , Guez , M.A.U. , Carvalho , N. , de Jesus Assis , D. , da Silva

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In: Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

(Tenebrio molitor L.). Insects 13: 323. Nascimento, R.Q., Di Mambro Ribeiro, C.V., Colauto, N.B., da Silva, L., Lemos, P.V.F., de Souza Ferreira, E., Linde, G.A., Machado, B.A.S., Tavares, P.P.L.G., Biasoto, A.C.T., Guez, M.A.U., Carvalho, N., de Jesus Assis, D., da

.015 educational level (ref cat = primary education) secondary education tertiary education 0.026* 0.012 0.021 0.013 household income –0.015** 0.003 Work status (ref cat = working) Unemployed pensioner Disabled for work other 0.202** 0.012 –0.012 0.012 –0.057* 0.026 0.022* 0.010 left-right stance –0.014** 0

In: Value Contrasts and Consensus in Present-Day Europe

abrasion-dominated in both anterior and posterior cusps of P4, M1 and M2 compared to free- ranging specimens (all p<0.05) (Table 2). By contrast, captive specimens had significantly less abrasion- dominated mesowear scores in the posterior cusp of P2 (t21.30=2.47, p=0.022). Differences were caused by a

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In: Contributions to Zoology

'apres la position de son corps, il devait s'appuyer sur un tronc d'arbre qui a disparu. 39-43. HARPOCRATE Cinq amulettes en argent. Ht. respectives: 0,033, 0,017, 0,022, 0,022, 0,020. BIBL.: Cat. Ant. Ere. p. 371, nos. 322, 332; p. 372-373, nos. 333, 339, 343; p. 423, no. 717. Le dieu est represente

In: Le culte des divinités orientales à Herculanum