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individualistic goal structures. Journal of Educational Psychology, 76(3), 478–487. doi: 10.1037/0022–0663.76.3.478 Ames, C. (1992). Classrooms: Goals, structures, and student motivation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 84(3), 261–271. doi: 10.1037/0022–0663.84.3.261 Ames, C., & Ames, R. (1981

In: New Voices in Norwegian Educational Research

of Dairy Science 87: E55-E65. Bateman, H.G., Hill, T.M., Aldrich, J.M. and Schlotterbeck, R.L., 2009. Effects of corn processing, particle size, and diet form on performance of calves in bedded pens. Journal of Dairy Science 92: 782-789. https

Open Access
In: Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition

are used and demonstrate the process of narrative approaches. Yet, the existing scholarship lacks rigour in qualitative methodology and often fails to report on the applicability or effectiveness of such approaches. Further, case study research on narrative career assessment has not provided

In: Career Assessment

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In: Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition
Authors: and

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In: Frontiers of Economics in China

Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities that are available in the library of the ASC in Leiden, The Netherlands 435 437 461 491 523 525 527 529 VO LU M E 37.4 (2007) B R I L L ISSN 0022-4200 (paper version) ISSN 1570-0666 (online version) VOLUME 37.4 (2007) JRA 37,4_colophon.indd I

In: Journal of Religion in Africa
Social Ontology Today: Kantian and Hegelian Reconsiderations
The Very Idea of Organization presents a philosophical account of the phenomenon of organization. It takes as its starting point a debate in organization studies about the foundations of organizational research. This debate, however, is running into difficulties regarding the basic concept of the reality that organization studies deal with, that is regarding the ontology of organization. A convincing organizational ontology is not in sight.

Therefore, Krijnen introduces a new meta-perspective, offering a more comprehensive and more fundamental social ontology in general as well as an organizational ontology in particular. Exploring the Kantian and Hegelian tradition of philosophy, he convincingly shows that a rejuvenated type of German idealism contains intriguing possibilities for developing a present-day social and organizational philosophy.
An Indirect Translation Approach to the Relationship of LXX-Isaiah to Peshiṭta-Isaiah
Using the model of indirect translation from modern translation studies, this monograph argues that the Septuagint translation of Isaiah played little to no role in the translation of the Peshiṭta of Isaiah. Since the mid-to-late nineteenth century, many scholars have argued that the translator of the Syriac Peshiṭta of Isaiah (200 CE) frequently consulted and/or translated the Greek Septuagint (140 BCE) at certain points during the process of translation (e.g., when encountering difficult lexis in their Hebrew source text). However, the study of this translational phenomenon has lacked methodological control. Applying indirect translation theory and methodology from modern translation studies to the Peshiṭta of Isaiah, this book argues that where the Peshiṭta of Isaiah and Septuagint of Isaiah agree (against their common Hebrew source in chapters 1-39), the “agreement” is almost always due to common translation technique, rather than direct influence from the older Greek text.

-.03 to .84 (Südkamp et al., 2012) Methodological differences between studies need to be taken into account when considering the differences in results across studies. We therefore focus on how teacher judgment accuracy relates to judgment and test characteristics as well as to teacher and student

In: Teachers’ Professional Development

equation modeling (SEM), especially in partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) (Hult et al., 2018). This is not surprising, giving that methodological researchers have only recently started discussing this topic in the context of PLS-SEM (Sarstedt et al., 2019). This study followed