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A bibliography of books, articles and reviews on Islam and the Muslim world which were published in the year 2004 with additions from 1993-2003. This annual volume is published as part of the 2005 subscription. It supersedes the advance issues published in 2004, as well as containing much data not previously published in Index Islamicus.

1 Supplementary online material of International Food and Agribusiness Management Review DOI: Dairy farm households, processor linkages and household income: the case of dairy hub linkages in East Africa Elizaphan J. O. Raoa , Immaculate

1 Supplementary online material of International Food and Agribusiness Management Review DOI: Dairy farm households, processor linkages and household income: the case of dairy hub linkages in East Africa Elizaphan J. O. Raoa , Immaculate


Afonso, C.L., Zsak, L., Carrillo, C., Borca, M.V. and Rock, D.L., 1998. African swine fever virus NL gene is not required for virus virulence. Journal of General Virology 79: 2543-2547.

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In: Understanding and combatting African Swine Fever

University College, Huddinge, Sweden). Instructions for Authors Please refer to; e-mail for more details. The Journal of Religion in Africa (print ISSN 0022-4200, online ISSN 1570-0666) is published 4 times a year by BRILL, Plantijnstraat 2, 2321 JC Leiden, The Netherlands, tel

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

-523. Malmquist, W.A. and Hay, D., 1960. Hemadsorption and cytopathic effect produced by African Swine Fever virus in swine bone marrow and buffy coat cultures. American Journal of Veterinary

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In: Understanding and combatting African Swine Fever

Malian Town (by R OMAN L OIMEIER ) AFRIKA - STUDIECENTRUM ABSTRACTS An overview of journal articles and edited works on Africa in the field of the social sciences and the humanities that are available in the library of the ASC in Leiden, The Netherlands ISSN 0022-4200 (paper version) ISSN 1570

In: Journal of Religion in Africa

Southern African Development Community Qualifications Framework (SADCQF) and the East African Community Regional Qualifications Framework for Higher Education. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE The issue of recognition of qualifications in higher education has been discussed within UNESCO since 1947. Since then

In: Regionalization of African Higher Education
The Index Islamicus consists of the following publications:
Index Islamicus Online, the full-text searchable electronic database
Index Islamicus, the annual journal (print edition in 1 yearbook)
Index Islamicus Yearbooks, the annual yearbook (print edition available individually or as set)
Supplements to the Index Islamicus, specialized bibliographies in print

Index Islamicus is THE international classified bibliography of publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world from 1906 onwards until present day. Material cited in the Index Islamicus includes not only work written about the Middle East, but also about the other main Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, plus Muslim minorities elsewhere. [The Index Islamicus is edited by Heather Bleaney, Pablo Garcia Suarez and Susan Sinclair]

Presently, Index Islamicus contains over 575,000 records, covering all the main Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, as well as Muslims living elsewhere, and their history, beliefs, societies, cultures, languages and literatures. It includes material published by Western scholars in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, specialist area- and subject-based areas, and by Muslims writing in European languages. Publications recorded are in the form of articles, books and reviews. All essays and papers contained in multi-author volumes are recorded, classified and indexed separately.

Over 3,000 journals are surveyed for inclusion in the database, together with conference proceedings, monographs, and multi-authored works. Journals and books are indexed down to the article and chapter level. Newspapers, news magazines, and government or official “grey” literature are excluded. Reviews from specialist periodicals in the field, and some relevant reviews from selected other titles are listed by title of work under review.

The well-known Index Islamicus classification scheme, uniquely and carefully geared to the field of Islamic Studies, allows one to quickly find all literature headed under a particular, broader subject area (e.g., Education, Philosophy, Shi’ism, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, as well as their subcategories).

Extensive indexes
Those who prefer more specific queries, have in the print edition at their disposal two elaborate indexes, facilitating quick and effective searches: the subject index guides the user to material on specialised subjects not covered by the classification scheme (e.g. Al-Azhar, mawlids, railways), and also to items relevant to one subject but classified under another. The name index lists not only authors, but also editors, translators, reviewers and personal subjects. So researchers interested in, for instance, Ibn Khaldun or Muhammad Iqbal or the Ayatollah Khomeini can quickly find publications both by and about them. The online edition offers a full text and advanced search opportunities.

The annual yearbooks are published as part of the annual journal subscription, but are also available individually or as a set. It supersedes the issues published during a year, but also contains much data previously unpublished in Index Islamicus with additions from 1993 onwards.

November 2017 ]. McCarthy , J. 2018 . “ Harlem is everywhere .” Project Muse , 65 , 2 : 6 – 13 . DOI: 10.1353/dss.2018.0022 . Mavhunga , C. C. 2017 . “ Introduction .” In What do science, technology, and innovation mean from Africa? , edited by C. C. Mavhunga , 1 – 27 . Cambridge, MA

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In: African Futures