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In: Warfare and the Age of Printing (4 vols.)

did not have a courtyard. The Indian block can serve as an important case study for understanding missionaries’ stance on “Indian colonisation” of East Africa. An examination of the events that led to the construction of this block might also reveal important new links between British India and East

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In: European Journal for the History of Medicine and Health
Author: Eltjo Buringh

written the (general lack of) preserva- tion of East African Swahili manuscripts provided high loss rates of round –90% per century. Such a value of a loss rate means it will be very diffi cult to get a reliable picture of anything older than a few centuries in tropical areas.72 With such high loss

In: Medieval Manuscript Production in the Latin West
Author: Anna Marie Roos

my Brother Will1 1. Lister indicated in his notebook this letter was sent in a packet with other pieces of cor- respondence to his friends Mr. Sharpe and John Peck. 50 Lister to Sharpe  0022 0022 Martin Lister to [Thomas] Sharpe Bordeaux, France, 13 November/23 November 1663 Source: Bodl. ms

In: The Correspondence of Dr. Martin Lister (1639-1712). Volume One: 1662-1677

events in Morocco, with a look at Tunisia's participation in the Algerian crisis. North Africa thus takes up about half the volume, the rest covering Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia, and the Far East. Documents are presented in chronological order, with a table of contents classifying them

In: International Bibliography of Military History
Author: Tao Zhang

nationwide Sinophobia coexisted under the same curse of racism for much of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It would be interesting to know what Jews thought about Chinese immigration. Yet scholars seem to have more interest in studying Jewish relations with African Americans, another group

In: European Journal of Jewish Studies

2018: 133–134). The leather goods are now imported from China or elsewhere, rather than manufactured in the district (Li 2018: 136). Another migratory flow resulted from the “remigration” (Yamashita 2013: 528) of ethnic Chinese refugees coming from South-East Asia, specifically Cambodia, Laos and

In: Journal of Chinese Overseas
Author: Sandra Mantu

Studies 7:1, pp. 15–36. Left, S. (2003) Once a Citizen, Always a Citizen, 25th February 2003. Lenaerts, K. (2012) Exploring the Limits of the eu Charter of Fundamental Rights, European Constitutional Law Review 8:3, pp. 375–403. Lester, A. (2003) East African Asians Versus the

In: Contingent Citizenship

. 2015. “‘Uses of the Quran’: Muslim Formulae in a Jewish Manuscript of Adjurations from Morocco.” [In Hebrew] In M. Bar-Asher and S. Fraade (eds.), Studies in the Culture of North African Jewry: Edited and Annotated Texts (Proceedings of the Symposium at Yale University April 25, 2010), 4 vols., New

In: Numen

November 2017 ]. McCarthy , J. 2018 . “ Harlem is everywhere .” Project Muse , 65 , 2 : 6 – 13 . DOI: 10.1353/dss.2018.0022 . Mavhunga , C. C. 2017 . “ Introduction .” In What do science, technology, and innovation mean from Africa? , edited by C. C. Mavhunga , 1 – 27 . Cambridge, MA

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In: African Futures