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survey was started before 1989, that is before the fall of communism in Poland, and has been continued until now according to the same methodology. polpan covers the full course of educational and job careers, which provides data on the links between different types of education and benefits obtained

In: Poland: Thirty Years of Radical Social Change

of urbanization will vary across world-system position. Likewise, we expect that effects of population age cohorts will also vary by zone in the world system. Methodology Country Sample Following conventional practices in this research area, our sample includes all countries of the world for which

In: Globalization and the Environment

.0345 36.8 .001 –0.1193 –4.2 .001 neuroticism 0.1722 0.1376 170.9 .001 +0.3238 +11.5 .001 psychoticism 0.2252 0.0530 70.3 .001 +0.2360 +8.4 .001 extraversion 0.2429 0.0177 23.9 .001 -0.1395 –5.0 .001 lie scale 0.2451 0.0022 3.0 NS –0.0502 –1.7 NS Personal accomplishment age 0.0009 0.0009 0.9 NS 0.0387 1

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 15

for a theistic view of psychology to complement secular views of psychology. they explicate some of the assumptions that under- gird conventional methodology and practice and compare these assump- tions to the theistic assumption of a currently and practically relevant God. Bishop discusses

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 23

experiences with god predict theists’ god images. The test of this hypothesis, as we will illustrate, could closely fol- low the methodology already used in conventional god image research, with a few modifications. theistic psychological research 193 Methodology given attachment theory’s emphasis on

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 23
This innovative interdisciplinary study compares the uses of painting in literary texts and films. In developing a framework of four types of ekphrasis, the author argues for the expansion of the concept of ekphrasis by demonstrating its applicability as interpretive tool to films about the visual arts and artists. Analyzing selected works of art by Goya, Rembrandt, and Vermeer and their ekphrastic treatment in various texts and films, this book examines how the medium of ekphrasis affects the representation of the visual arts in order to show what the differences imply about issues such as gender roles and the function of art for the construction of a personal or social identity. Because of its highly cross-disciplinary nature, this book is of interest not only to scholars of literature and aesthetics, but also for scholars of film studies. By providing an innovative approach to discussing non-documentary films about artists, the author shows that ekphrasis is a useful tool for exploring both aesthetic concerns and ideological issues in film. This study also addresses art historians as it deals with the reception of major artists in European literature and film throughout the 20th century.
This fourth English volume of The China Economy Yearbook provides an in-depth analysis of China’s economy coping with a World-wide recession and preparing for the future. Written by leading economic researchers from China’s leading economic research institutions, the articles in the yearbook examine key aspects of China’s economic performance, including macroeconomic adjustment, inflation control, the financial system, public finance, foreign trade, agriculture, industry, and real estate. They provide a detailed description of China’s economy during the year and valuable insights into the reasons for China’s successes and failures in addressing emerging challenges facing the Chinese economy.

-system approach, with its root metaphor of spirituality as “search,” can be critiqued on a number of conceptual, methodological, and empirical grounds, particularly the issue of how high-level meaning actually energizes and enables the moral action prescribed by one’s meaning system. Thus, to further argue

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 22

.040 ** 0.011 0.044 ** 0.011 Union Member (1 = yes) 0.263 ** 0.014 0.265 ** 0.014 0.274 ** 0.014 TSEI 0.014 ** 0.000 0.013 ** 0.000 0.013 ** 0.000 Citizenship (1 = citizen) 0.091 ** 0.021 0.088 ** 0.021 0.086 ** 0.022 Education b : Less Than High School –0.217 ** 0.021 –0.208 ** 0.021 –0.214 ** 0.022 High

In: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology

.1 The discipline of what we are calling Spirituality Studies has been undergoing sea change in recent years. Once considered incompatible with academic inquiry, it has in the past 10-15 years proliferated in terms of institutional homes, theoretical conceptualizations, methodological

In: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality