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In A Dictionary of Early Middle Turkic Hendrik Boeschoten describes the lexical material contained in works written in different varieties of Eastern Turkic in and around the fourteenth century, e.g. before the classical age of Chaghatay Turkic; late Karakhanid, Khwarezmian Turkic, Golden Horde Turkic, Mamluk Turkic, and early Azeri. As the existing, previously published dictionaries are now antiquated and hardly cover this period (most relevant works were not yet known at their time of writing), A Dictionary of Early Middle Turkic is a most welcome addition to the field.

of Ming China’s assertive external initiatives that extended to the east Africa coastline, but because the outdated tributary system was no longer valid. Although many international historians once asserted that after the Zheng He voyages China could no longer “rule the seas”—a view characterized by

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In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

littoral subfields marked by reciprocal early oceanic and overland trade. Urban, rural, and maritime based societies; religious networks; and cultural exchanges (Hindu, Islamic, Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism) extended from the coastlines of Africa and the Middle East to and from South, Southeast, and

In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

–157; ‘Publicaties van Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer’, pp. 158–163. Bhatia, Tej K. & Kazuhiko Machida. The Oldest Grammar of Hindust ¯ an¯ı. Contact, Communication and Colonial Legacy . Research Institute for Languages and Cul- tures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo, 2008. Three Volumes

In: Indo-Iranian Journal

s t e r i t y . 1 London, School o f Oriental and African Studies NICHOLAS SIMS-WILLIAMS NOTE 1 One small linguistic quibble is best relegated to a footnote: Yazdi bdmerd "so-and-so" cannot be from *ndmerd (p. 95 n. 3). I. Gershevitch (apud M. Schwartz, Studies in the Texts of the Sogdian Christians

In: Indo-Iranian Journal

Monde Indien. Actes des journees d' etude de Lyon (22-23 juin 2000), pp. 283-323. Diffusion De Boccard, Lyon, 2001. --. 'Nidhis and Other Images of Richness and Fertility in Ajru;iµi.' East and West, 52 (2002 [2003]): 225-284. Bingenheimer, Marcus. 'Issues in the Use of Electronic Markup for the

In: Indo-Iranian Journal

efforts to reduce hunger, the prevalence of undernourishment is still very high in Southern Asia, closely followed by sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Asia. Food insecurity or malnutrition is an important constraint to economic and social development of a country. Undernourishment leaves people vulnerable

In: African and Asian Studies

the Courts of Cambodia (eccc), where the surviving top dk leaders are facing charges of genocide in its case 002/2 80 . Suffice it to say that the apparent disproportionately high death toll among Chams and Chvea was not plainly caused by ethnic hatred, but

In: Cambodia’s Muslims and the Malay World