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.1 The discipline of what we are calling Spirituality Studies has been undergoing sea change in recent years. Once considered incompatible with academic inquiry, it has in the past 10-15 years proliferated in terms of institutional homes, theoretical conceptualizations, methodological

In: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality

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In: Spectrums and Spaces of Writing

‘second- tier’ fashion cities are eager to create.12 3. Fashioning Methodologies: Building an Identity With the major fashion cities drawing ever more designers, retailers and journalists from emergent fashion markets, it is surprising that more than four hundred fashion weeks, have been

In: Fashion: Tyranny and Revelation

values about feminine beauty.8 2. Methodology These interviews followed a semi-directed approach that addressed common topics of discussion in both countries.9 Interview questions contrasted inter- generational and inter-cultural perspectives to account for women’s changing perception in

In: Beauty: Exploring Critical Perspectives

the US) see other minorities of disadvantaged status (e.g. Black-Latino relations) (Craig & Richeson, 2012; Cummings & Lambert, 1997; Gay, 2006). The second limitation is methodological. In view of the long-held expertise in laboratory experiments in social psychology, reviews of studies of prejudice

In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 31

. “ The Ethical Treatment of Artificially Conscious Robots .” International Journal of Social Robotics 1 ( 3 ): 209 – 216 . 10.1007/s12369-009-0022-6 Mackie , John L. 1977 . Ethics: Inventing Right and Wrong . London : Harmondsworth . McMahan , Jeff . 2002

In: Smart Technologies and Fundamental Rights

reduced to evil to the latter and have defined it as a lapse or mental illness, 91 and also that we continue to stigmatize those who are truly mentally ill with a taint of evil. However, to explore the Joker specifically in terms of madness and evil, we do need to question what methodology to use so as

In: The Sign of the Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime as a Sign