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the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935, the Mau Mau Uprising, and Defiance Campaign in Kenya and South Africa respectively in the 1950s, and the independence of many nations in 1960 were important in...

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Bibliographic entry in Chapter 27: Race, Gender, and Culture in U.S. Foreign Relations | Race authorMeriwether, James H.imprintChapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2002.annotationThe author argues that key events such as the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935, the Mau Mau Uprising

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spring to mind: John Hampden denouncing a monarch who would tax Britons without the approval of parliament; an artful Disraeli ‘dishing the Whigs’; Churchill defiantly rejecting surrender to the Nazis; Powell himself vehemently defending the legal rights of murdered Mau-Mau prisoners in Kenya in 1959. 27

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-Africanism, Padmore represents a unique historical $ource. But his 231 book is a pot pourri, including brief histories of colonialism as practiced by Britain and France, an essay on the Mau-Mau, comments on the constitutional development of Nigeria-all included in a volume for which Padmore intended there to be a

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Halbrainer (eds.), op. cit., 279–80 (279). 465 John Lonsdale, “Foreword”, in S. H. Fazan and John Lonsdale, Colonial Kenya Observed: British Rule, Mau Mau and the Wind of Change (London: I. B. Tauris, 2015), ix–xxxviii (xiii). 466 Fazan and

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