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Petar Jandrić

, everyone watches the same advertisements. Streaming services such as YouTube use recommendation systems to direct us towards watching certain content and offer personalized advertisements, yet we can always choose to watch something else. Critical media literacy is important, because it helps us navigate

Derek R. Ford

Critical media literacy is about how to read the media critically. It calls for teachers and students to deconstruct, demystify, and decode linguistic and visual media representations. Along the way, educational subjects examine the historical, political, economic, and social relations behind the

Brian Lozenski and Guy Chinang

which we are force-fed dehumanizing propaganda about the worlds we inhabit and the people with which we share them. If we are to envision critical media literacy as having any liberatory potential, it must impact the material realities of people who have been dispossessed of land, labor, and capacities

Lori Bindig Yousman

smart phones and Snapchat, educators have been engaging in media literacy initiatives around the world ( Considine, 2002 ; Masterman, 2001 ). Conceived as an extension of traditional literacy, media literacy is “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media in a variety of forms” ( Hobbs

Bill Yousman

, literally changed my life. Since then, Hall’s writings and lectures on media, culture, race, class, power, and ideology have been a major influence on my own approach to pedagogy and media studies and they are foundational to my belief in a form of critical media literacy that goes beyond the mere analysis

Joseph Savirimuthu

International Journal of Children’s Rights 19 (2011) 547–569 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2011 DOI 10.1163/157181811X587340 T HE I NTERNATIONAL J OURNAL OF C HILDREN ’ S R IGHTS Th e EU, Online Child Safety and Media Literacy Joseph Savirimuthu School of Law and Social Justice

Sherell A. McArthur

students’ daily engagement in media it has become imperative that educators are employing critical media literacy as a pedagogical tool to encourage students to question social norms and define relationships of power they observe in media ( McArthur, 2016 ). The opening examples of bullying, assault and

Julie Frechette

There is no doubt that media literacy has experienced a resurgence over the past few years as a result of the rapidly changing landscape of media and information in the digital millennium. Ongoing investigations about Russian-based efforts to manipulate u.s. elections and stoked concerns over

TV or Not TV

Spelling the Indonesian Media with Veven Sp. Wardhana

Edwin Jurriëns

will demonstrate the similarities and differences between his work and the initiatives of the Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia ( KPI , Indonesian Broadcasting Commission), the main institution for monitoring the broadcast media in Indonesia, and the broader Indonesian media watch and media literacy movement


Douglas Kellner and Jeff Share

the present day (1916/1997 and 1938/1963). A progressive reconstruction of education will urge that it be done in the interests of democratization, ensuring access to new technologies for all, and training in the digital and media literacies necessary to master the new technologies. This restructuring