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Interweaving Methodologies: New Approaches to Visual Literacy in Medieval Manuscript Reception Anna Dow Abstract It is a vast shame that, despite an increasing demand for interdisciplinary study, there is still a somewhat stringent attitude towards any study that affiliates itself equally

In: Learning to See: The Meanings, Modes and Methods of Visual Literacy

Part 1 Creative Writing, Empowerment, Discovery Writing Development Before School through the Lens of a ‘Lived Experience’ Methodology Phil Fitzsimmons Abstract Utilising an approach grounded in the naturalistic paradigm, this qualitative study illuminates the writing

In: Why do We Write as We Write? Paradigms, Power, Poetics, Praxis
Authors: and

interpretation of the discipline-specific methodologies of performance and therapy. Using three case studies we consider the performance of trauma: as the replication of experience; its affect on the maker, the performer, and the audience of the work; and questions that touch upon power, perception, and

In: Is this a Culture of Trauma? An Interdisciplinary Perspective

, which stressed the common Euro- pean culture. Romantic scholars applied the new methodologies to vernacular texts and this in its turn led to ‘national’ philologies which began to lead their own lives. Let me begin by generalising, just a little bit, about the difference be- tween facts and

In: Editing the Nation’s Memory

Research methodology offers a framework for understanding how the creative writer-academic can facilitate community building through the use of digital tools. Key Words: creative writing, locative literature, QR codes, writing communities, textual communities, digital narratives. ***** 1

In: Storying Humanity: Narratives of Culture and Society

interrupt straightforward interpretations of what Celia Hunt has called writer identities1 and point towards the impossibility of maintaining some kind of ‘pure’ methodological position / identity in relation to creative writing. The research contributes to the theoretical discussion of creative writing

In: Spectrums and Spaces of Writing

phenomena from a distinctive methodology. Subsurface strata include historical events, present conditions, and texts in various media. We also pay attention to different models of response: criminal justice, international war crimes trials, reparations, and truth and reconciliation commissions. These

In: Live Evil: Of Magic and Men

interpretation of a text/narration differ in methodology, outcome and the different ways the audience perceives and receives in each case. Key Words: Narrative, environment, story, process, scenography, analysis, research, narrativity, narration. ***** 1. Introduction This chapter deals with the

In: Staged Experiences

locations throughout Greece, used to indicate men and women’s toilets. Specific images are examined to identify the styles of the visual language used, while the co-existence of visual elements and written text (words) is explored in individual cases. The methodology used for the review of the case studies

In: Beyond Textual Literacy: Visual Literacy for Creative and Critical Inquiry

research is to investigate the motivations of the ‘conflict generation’ to tell their stories and the impact of their doing so. This chapter sets out the proposed research methodology, which will involve a selection of storytelling groups associated with INCORE’s (International Conflict Research

In: The Practice of Narrative: Storytelling in a Global Context