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In: Spectrums and Spaces of Writing

comparative cultural psychology can hardly do justice to the complexities of culture by either reducing culture as an independent, operationalisable variable to specific cultural conditions, or by extending it almost arbitrarily to global cultural groups based on methodological nationalism (for example

In: Emotions: History, Culture, Society

:3 ( 1998). <http ://muse .jhu/j oumals/ theory_ and_ event/v002/2 .3bove .html> Bowlin, John R. "Rorty and Aquinas on Courage and Contingency." Journal of Religion 77 (1997): 402-420. While he uses the example of courage in his analysis, Bowlin's aim in this essay is to point to a general weakness in

In: Richard Rorty

of academic methodology. They were ‘scrambled, disordering’ modes not unrelated to Dada–associative, cognitive capacitors perhaps best summed up in the phrase ‘critique of pure unreason’. Georgio Agamben re-affirms this ‘nameless science’–the expanded zone of art history/theory/related visual

In: Artistic Research

reduced to evil to the latter and have defined it as a lapse or mental illness, 91 and also that we continue to stigmatize those who are truly mentally ill with a taint of evil. However, to explore the Joker specifically in terms of madness and evil, we do need to question what methodology to use so as

In: The Sign of the Joker: The Clown Prince of Crime as a Sign