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Yuting Wang

accelerated during the years after the Arab Spring, producing the third wave of Chinese influx. Economic exchanges between China and the uae have been fruitful as the Chinese government seeks to protect its investment in the region and secure its energy supplies in the Middle East. China is also keen on

Hung-yok Ip

, he stressed the elimination of habit energies: “Those influenced by habit energies are ordinary men, and those who free themselves from the influence of habit energies are saints” (ibid.). Xuyun admitted that the purging of habit energies was not so straightforward. He observed that many monastics

Xenia Zeiler

about the goddess Kali was inserted in four releases: “Goddess Kali, who personifies Shakti or divine energy and considered the goddess of time and change, is widely worshipped in Hinduism.” (Zed 2, Zed 4, Zed 5, Zed 6). 3 According to Zed, Hindus urge the removal of such inappropriate image

Jessica Gall Myrick and Suzannah Evans Comfort

.A. ( 2015 , October 22). Religion and Views on Climate and Energy Issues . Retrieved from . Gecewicz C. ( 2017, January 18 ) U.S. Catholics, non-Catholics continue to view Pope Francis favorably

Mark McLeister

Contemporary China . Leiden : Brill . Economist . 2013 . “ The East is Grey .” Economist , August 10 . (accessed January 23, 2015) . Ethnic and Religious

Rachel Xiaohong Zhu

, more energy and enthusiasm are evoked for church ministry. In Ningbo Diocese, Auxiliary Bishop Rev. Jin said the ccrmc groups are popular in most of the parishes, especially in the traditional groups such as band, the hospitality team, the visiting team, choir, catechism teachers, and Sunday school

John Dyer

users tend to spend much of their cognitive energy and time scanning screens for user interface components and this scanning becomes so habitual that it influences what readers do when their eyes finally meet the desired text ( Liu, 2005 ; Mangen, 2008 ). Finally, based on his interviews with readers


How Taiwanese Conservative Christianity Turned Public during the Same-Sex Marriage Controversy and a Secularist Backlash

Christianity’s participation in politics in different ways and with new political energies. Studies of Ugandan churches lobbying to pass anti-gay laws have shown that Ugandan churches were not simply following the lead of the American Christian Right and duplicating its agenda. Instead, these African religious

Zhidong Hao, Shun Hing Chan, Wen-ban Kuo, Yik Fai Tam and Ming Jing

leadership styles of the Catholic leaders of two dioceses in the United States, Charles Harper and Rebecca Schulte-Murray ( 1998 ) point out how bishops can create either a tightly or loosely coupled system in the church. In the former system, the archbishop personally controls and shapes energy, information