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Fascism without Borders

Transnational Connections and Co-operation between Movements and Regimes in Europe from 1918 to 1945 Freie Universität Berlin, 19–21 June 2014

Alessandro Salvador

supported conservative policies to protect the rights of private property against socialist and egalitarian projects. The exposition in Rome, after ten years of Italian Fascism, exemplified the attractiveness of Mussolini’s ideas. We should see fascist nationalism and transnationalism as complementary and

Fascism for the British Audience

The Communist Party of Great Britain’s Analysis of Fascism in Theory and Practice

Lewis Young

Much attention has been paid to the role of the Communist Party of Great Britain ( cpgb ) in the interwar struggle against fascism. However the cpgb ’ s analysis of fascism has been subject to little scholarly attention, with most historians taking for granted that the Party accepted the

Roger Griffin

. Nevertheless, the new paradigm works. It probably does not convert all of the proponents of the now ‘classical’ paradigm. However, new people in the field tend to be attracted to it, and stubborn devotees of the old paradigm will ultimately die off and become part of history. 1 ∵ Fascism as an Anti

Henry A. Giroux

After decades of the neoliberal nightmare both in the United States and abroad, the mobilizing passions of fascism have been unleashed unlike anything we have seen since the 1930s and 1940s. Extreme capitalism has produced massive economic suffering, tapped into a combination of fear and a

Miroslav Mareš

Introduction Since they first came into being, fascism and National Socialism have been the ideological basis of certain separatist movements. This is also true of part of the Moravian movement that has been active on the territory of today’s Czech Republic. This article identifies the basic

Susanne Hohler

Veterans] and two of the most important associations of Russian fascism in exile - Rossiiskoe Natsional-Sotsialisticheskoe Dvizhenie [Russian National Socialist Movement] and the Vserossiiskaia Fashistskaia Partiia [VFP; All-Russian Fascist Party] from the city of Harbin in Manchuria. High

Tamir Bar-On

In 2016, Hamed Abdel-Samad published a provocative book entitled Islamic Fascism in which he suggested that the ‘Islamofascist’ worldview has its origins with the Muslim Brotherhood, which ‘had always eulogized the principles of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.’ 1 Abdel-Samad also

Kristian Mennen and Wim van Meurs

movement: fascism. The direct connection between the veterans of the First World War and the rise of fascism was already invoked by the propaganda of Italian Fascism, German National Socialism, and other fascist movements throughout Europe. Mussolini and Hitler appealed to the ‘martyrs’ of the First

Paolo Gervasi

Curve is too emotional. 1 ∵ 1 Deforming Fascism A well-established and long-standing bond exists between the representation of the human body and the expression of mental states and emotions. Historical knowledge of emotions is always mediated by signs, in which the elusive nature of feelings is

Adrienne Pine

and his colleagues identified as enemies of free speech are bolstered by numerous bills and laws criminalizing protest and even justifying citizen violence against protesters. 9 Is this fascism? The type of militarized repression increasingly visible to those of us who—prior to Trump