Edited by Albert Park

The China Economy Yearbook is an English translation of the annual Blue Book of China’s Economy (经济蓝皮书) edited by leading economists at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). This annual report chronicles economic developments of the previous year and forecasts predictions for the upcoming year. The yearbook provides detailed analyses of China’s economy during the year and valuable insights into the reasons for China’s successes and failures in addressing emerging challenges facing the Chinese economy.

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Abraham Ibn Ezra on Nativities and Continuous Horoscopy

A Parallel Hebrew-English Critical Edition of the Book of Nativities and the Book of Revolution. Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Astrological Writings, Volume 4


Shlomo Sela

The present volume offers the first critical edition, accompanied with English translation and commentary, of Sefer ha-Moladot, which addresses the doctrine of nativities and the system of continuous horoscopy in nativities, and of Sefer ha-Tequfah, which is devoted exclusively to continuous horoscopy in nativities. The doctrine of nativities makes predictions about the whole of an individual’s subsequent life on the basis of the natal chart, and the system of continuous horoscopy in nativities is concerned with the interval between life and death and makes predictions based mainly on anniversary horoscopes, which are juxtaposed with the natal horoscope. To Abraham Ibn Ezra’s mind, not only are these two doctrines the core of astrology; they also epitomize the praxis of the astrological métier.

“Sela...has provided explanatory appendices and very interesting notes about Jewish attitudes toward the sciences and astrology in the middle ages.” Reference & Research Book News, 2013.

The China Economy Yearbook, Volume 3

Analysis and Forecast of China's Economy (2008)


Edited by Jiagui Chen

This third English volume of The China Economy Yearbook, based on the 2008 annual report in Chinese, provides an in-depth analysis of China’s economy during 2007 and predictions for 2008. Written by leading economic researchers from China’s premier economic research institutions, the articles in the yearbook examine key aspects of China’s economic performance, including the capital goods market, agricultural output, monetary policy, tax revenue, and sustainable growth metrics. They provide a detailed description of China’s economy and valuable insights into the reasons for China’s successes and failures in addressing emerging challenges facing the Chinese economy.

Nicholas of Cusa and Times of Transition

Essays in Honor of Gerald Christianson


Edited by Thomas M. Izbicki, Jason Aleksander and Donald Duclow

Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) was active during the Renaissance, developing adventurous ideas even while serving as a churchman. The religious issues with which he engaged – spiritual, apocalyptic and institutional – were to play out in the Reformation. These essays reflect the interests of Cusanus but also those of Gerald Christianson, who has studied church history, the Renaissance and the Reformation. The book places Nicholas into his times but also looks at his later reception. The first part addresses institutional issues, including Schism, conciliarism, indulgences and the possibility of dialogue with Muslims. The second treats theological and philosophical themes, including nominalism, time, faith, religious metaphor, and prediction of the end times.


Edited by Jan P. Hogendijk, Kim Plofker, Michio Yano and Charles Burnett

This collection of essays reflects the wide range of David Pingree's expertise in the scientific texts (above all, concerning astronomy and astrology) of Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, India, Persia, and the medieval Arabic, Hebrew and Latin traditions. Both theoretical aspects and the practical applications of the exact sciences-in time keeping, prediction of the future, and the operation of magic-are dealt with.
The book includes several critical editions and translations of hitherto unknown or understudied texts, and a particular emphasis is on the diffusion of scientific learning from one culture to another, and through time.
Above all, the essays show the variety and sophistication of the exact sciences in non-Western societies in pre-modern times.

Laubhütte Davids und Wolkensohn

Eine auslegungsgeschichtliche Studie zu Amos 9,11 in der jüdischen und christlichen Exegese



Laubhütte Davids und Wolkensohn deals with the history of interpretation of Amos 9:11 — a passage which is regarded in both, Jewish and Christian tradition, as a messianic prediction.
The book examines its interpretation and impact in Qumran and Rabbinic Judaism as well as in the New Testament, the Church Fathers, the Middle Ages, the Reformation and in the scientific discussion up to the present. Special emphasis is laid on (a) its usage at the Apostolic Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15) and its influence on the formation of the Christian Church and (b) hitherto overlooked explicit and important interpretations of scholars such as Nicholas de Lyre, Luther, Mercerus, Miegius and Harenberg who have already made use of the rabbinic messianic interpretation of this passage. Besides, a new interpretation of Amos 9:11-15 in its historical Old Testament context is offered.


Jamie Morton

In this study of the world of ancient Greek mariners, the relationship between the natural environment and the techniques and technology of seafaring is focused upon.
An initial description of the geology, oceanography and meteorology of Greece and the Mediterranean, is followed by discussion of the resulting sailing conditions, such as physical hazards, sea conditions, winds and availability of shelter, and environmental factors in sailing routes, sailing directions, and navigational techniques. Appendices discuss winter and night sailing, ship design, weather prediction, and related areas of socio-maritime life, such as settlement, religion, and warfare.
Wide-ranging sources and illustrations are used to demonstrate both how the environment shaped many of the problems and constraints of seafaring, and also that Greek mariners' understanding of the environment was instrumental in their development of a highly successful seafaring tradition.

Theodoret of Cyrus

Commentary on Daniel


Robert C. Hill

Early Christians were fed by their pastors a solidly scriptural diet from both the Old and the New Testaments. The commentary on Daniel by Theodoret, a member of the school of Antioch and fifth-century bishop of Cyrus, illustrates the typically Antiochene approach to biblical texts and shows the commentator posing key questions such as, What is prophecy? or What does a prophet do? While demonstrating the moderation for which his approach to the Bible became proverbial, Theodoret here instructs his readers to see in the dreams and visions of Daniel the pattern of prediction and fulfillment that guarantees for an Antiochene the authenticity of true prophecy. This commentary, with Greek text and English translation on facing pages, will be valuable to biblical and patristic scholars, theologians, and church historians.

Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (www.sbl-site.org)

Abū Ma‘šar on Historical Astrology: The Book of Religions and Dynasties (On the Great Conjunctions) (2 vols)

Volume I: The Arabic original: Abū Ma‘šar, K. al-Milal wa d-duwal (The Book on Religions and Dynasties). Arabic text edited by Keiji Yamamoto, with an English translation by Keiji Yamamoto and Charles Burnett. Volume II: The Latin Versions: Albumas


Edited by Yamamoto and Charles Burnett

These two volumes provide the Arabic, Latin and English text of the major work on historical astrology of the Middle Ages. The text is attributed either to Abū Ma‘šar (787-886) or to his pupil Ibn al-Bāzyār, and was translated into Latin in the mid-twelfth century. In eight books (parts) it provides the scientific basis for predictions concerning kings, prophets, dynasties, religions, wars, epidemics etc., by means of conjunctions of planets, comets and other astronomical factors.
It is cited frequently by both Arabic and Latin authors. These editions will provide, for the first time, the context of these citations. Aside from its intrinsic interest for cultural history and the history of science, this work provides several details.

Preterit Expansion and Perfect Demise in Porteño Spanish and Beyond

A Critical Perspective on Cognitive Grammaticalization Theory


Guro Fløgstad

In Preterit Expansion and Perfect Demise in Porteño Spanish and Beyond, Guro Nore Fløgstad offers an original account of the way in which the Preterit category has expanded, at the expense of the Perfect, in Porteño Spanish – a variety spoken in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Through primary sources and a large cross-linguistic sample, Fløgstad convincingly shows that the expansion of a Preterit is not rare in the languages of the world. This finding challenges the prevailing view in historical morphosyntax, and especially in usage-based grammaticalization theory, namely the alleged preference for analytic over synthetic forms, and the possibility of prediction based on the source meaning in grammaticalization.

This book is fully available in Open Access.