elucidates the work of the patriots as a regional phenomenon with particular local reflexes, and gives vivid life to their concerns through contrast with the dramatic alternative vision of the pilgrims. He ties the history of Mau Mau detainees in Kenya in with multiple other stories: Haya men’s concern over

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.), Devant les Sectes non-chrétiennes. Rapports et compte rendu de la xxxie Semaine de Missiologie, Louvain 1961. Louvain: Desclée de Brouwer n.d. (imprimatur 1961), 317 pp. [ Includes papers on Harris, Kimbanguism, South African in- dependent churches, Mau Mau, Caribbean-African Syncre- tism, and Asian

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African religions, opening avenues for recasting them as religious movements critiquing the social order (1, 90). One can document such significant movement cultures from the initial encounters with European colonialism. The Mau Mau and Maji Maji movements were anchored in religious idioms and rituals

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could descend into the chaos that had gripped Kenya during the Mau Mau crisis or, even worse, something like the crisis that the French had been contending with in Algeria. The British approach to Central Africa changed, especially after the autumn 1959 elections, when Macmillan appointed Macleod as

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Union (KAU) was formed. By 1951 KAU was demanding independence from the British. 1952: The failure of colonial British governors to accommodate demands by Africans, inter alia in respect of allocation of land to European settlers, was partly responsible for the outbreak of the Mau Mau war of

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, hawa wakoloni na vijibwa vyao ni watu wapumbavu kabisa, kwao kila mtu ni koministi. Ukidai haki yako wewe koministi. Ukisema kweli wewe koministi. Ukipinga kutawaliwa wewe koministi. Lolote utakalolifanya madhali halina maslahi kwao basi wewe koministi. Mau Mau wa Kenya wameitwa makoministi, wapigania

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nationalist agendas in opposing and important ways. Eff orts to eradicate female genital cutting coincided with the growth of an anti-colonial movement in Kenya, and defence of the practice became central to the nationalist cause of the Kikuyu Central Association (KCA), a forerunner of the Mau Mau movement. 14

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, and the denial of this opportunity to young men in late colonial Kenya has long been considered an important cause of the Mau Mau uprising in 1950s Kenya (Lonsdale 1992 ; Peterson 2004 ). However, as our next example shows, these economic struggles do not have to lead aspiring patriarchs to condemn

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increased. Many of the men were employed either locally in Isiolo town as manual labourers or recruited there for work further south as farm hands on white farms. Such recruitment increased during the Mau-Mau emergency, when the white farmers did not want to employ Kikuyu or Meru. 57 Before the British

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versperren. An dieser Stelle vermiBt man die Aus- wertung der wertvollen personlichen Erfahrungen L. S. B. Leakeys, die dieser Kenner und Eingeweihte in seinem Buch "Mau-Mau und die Kikuyus" (C. H. Beck, Miznchen 1953) niedergelegt hat. Noch 2 wei- tere kurze Kapitel iiber die "Aus- wirkung der Religion "in

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