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’s version of the bill a decade later. 55 
 On the face of things, the struggle over the Personal Status Law was but a minor incident in a turbulent decade; however, it does attest to the limits of the hegemonic power. The ruling elite were forced to rely on al-Azhar for support and legitimation. In this

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concealing its own hegemonic power, Schmitt’s Grossraum concept projects ‘the principle of national respect’ as a doctrine that ought to operate as a key doctrine of international law. 6 Hence, a Schmittian could argue that the Grossraum element has to come to the fore as a realistic and pluralistic

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concepts such as: syncretism, hegemony, counter-hegemony, power, worldview, dialectical relation, etc. If desired, the concept of “popular religiosity” can be dubbed as a concept that ties with others, which, if kept apart, would not give a satisfactory explanation to the religious phenomena. These

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assets even more, and encouraging further financial speculation. The hegemonic power in the interstate system, hoping to enjoy a ‘golden autumn’ from accumulation in the financial sector, will do all in its power to extend international circuits of financial capital. In periods of economic slowdown, most

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offensive in order to reassert their dominance. In this context, they orchestrated an attack, not only to reaffirm the place of the United States as a hegemonic power but, more generally, of an Anglo-Saxon form of capitalism based on financial accumulation. In the end, neoliberalism turned into a concerted

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neutralizing the hegemonic power of the alpha male and replacing it with “a lasting egalitarian order” (43). Leaders, Gintis argues, “were kept weak, and their reproductive success depended on an ability to persuade and motivate, coupled with the rank-and-file ability to reach a consensus with such leadership

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which one power, the hegemonic power, is raised above others, not so much by force as by force of example, or as exemplar. It is the notion of Empire as, in Dominic Lieven’s terms, ‘Žrst and foremost, a very great power that has left its mark on the international relations of its era’. 4 It is Empire as

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-destructiveness. Although a major factor of past instability and self-destructiveness (inter-imperialist wars) is unlikely to intervene, the attempt of today’s declining hegemonic power (the United States) to impose on the world an exploitative domination may well become a more important Lineages of Empire • 13 29 See

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capitulates to the presumption that communism is a “European thing” and thus inherently alien to the indigenous communities, and that evidence of its influence on them is therefore something to be denied or explained away. Here we run into the hegemonic power of anti-communism and its ideological influence

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Paul. 28 It should be noted that Brueggemann, like others, is uneasy about the term metanarrative because he does not want to engage in reductionism by denying the plurality, diversity, and fragmented quality of the Old Testament text. 29 He is also, in line with Lyotard, suspicious of the hegemonic

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