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Aaron W. Hughes

an extent we are operating with different sets of theoretical and methodological questions. Medical doctors and faith healers don’t go to the same conferences to talk about shared interest in disease and prevention, so why should we? Most members of the AAR don’t even know we exist. They don’t come

Picturing the Invisible

Visual Culture and the Study of Religion

Birgit Meyer

prompted to take pictures seriously as—literally—impressive and constructive religious media, I noted the conceptual and methodological limitations that are ensued by the predominant focus on texts in the study of religion. The “textual gaze” (Stordalen 2012 : 521) privileged a meaning-centred analysis

Russell McCutcheon

a methodological puzzle that stands in the way of those who critique the adequacy of a secularist perspective for studying religion is that the modern invention that goes by the name of secularism is the only means for imagining religion to exist as an item of dis- course. Drawing on a variety of

Tomas Sundnes Drønen

article seeks to show that Thomas Kuhn’s theory of paradigm-shift can be used as a methodological tool in the study of religious conversion. The same way that the scientist is limited to work within a scienti fi c paradigm, the believer can be said to exercise religion within a theological paradigm. And as

“The Happy Side of Babel”

Radical Plurality, Narrative Fiction and the Philosophy of Religion

Mikel Burley

recent contributions by Kevin Schilbrack and Timothy Knepper, both of whom emphasize the need for methodological experimentation in the philosophy of religion as well as the adoption of a more expansive vision of what constitutes the field’s proper subject matter. Schilbrack advocates vigorous engagement

Richard King

under increasing fire by recent waves of “critical theory” scholarship within the study of religion for the political associations of some of its primary advocates, for its romanticism, for its methodological naïveté and for its crypto-theological tendencies. The issue that precipitated the rise of the

Carl Seaquist

do we know if they have changed? Current ritual studies methods give us no systematic means of answering such questions. Individuation is a familiar and fundamental concept in philosophy, and it should belong to the methodological toolbox of every student of ritual. Th is paper pro- vides a solid

Caleb Elfenbein

or reject the gift, the Bhikan judgment then would have been consistent with the notion of non-interference (and certainly less assertive). As it stands, however, the Court’s own interpretive work—grounded by a methodology of textual certainty alone—seems to violate the very principle that it seeks

Invisible Fences

The Construction of “Insiders” and “Outsiders” in Jewish Historiography

Angelika Rohrbacher

’s methodology. The anthology edited by Russell McCutcheon ( 1999 ), which provides an excellent survey of the multi-leveled approach to that topic over the course of nearly a century of the scientific study of religion\s, is proof of the continuing topicality of and ongoing debates regarding the insider

Robert N. Mccauley

-scientific explorations is to enhance the methodological refine- ment, the theoretical penetration, or the empirical accountability of one or more of the sciences involved. Nor must we presume that either the ampliative resources or the corrective influences must al- ways originate at the lower level. Most interlevel