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Kim Moody

and off the highway themselves or manage off-highway and urban traffic. Truck weight and changing load weights present problems not yet solved. Long continuous drives produce heavy wear and tear on sensor-systems, requiring regular maintenance and placing limits on distance. The technology is not yet

Is Music a Language?

Adorno, Voloshinov and the Language Character of Music

Mark Abel

. Voloshinov also detects a similar reification of the word in written discourse, which he attributes to the growing reluctance of authors to make declaratory statements in literature, philosophy and the humanities in favour of presenting the opinions of others at second-hand. Confident that circumstances, not

Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nişancıoğlu

1 Introduction 1 If this symposium tells us anything, it is that the ‘transition debate’ remains alive, well and hotly contested! And so it should, considering what is at stake in how we politically and theoretically navigate capitalism, not only its past but also its present. It is perhaps a

Anne Fawcett

present an embryonic version of this paper at their 2017 conference and directed me to some key references and resources. Dr Elly Hiby, ICAM Coalition Scientific Coordinator, and Dr Cynthia Karsten assisted by helping locate additional references. Kristina Vesk from the Cat Protection Society and Dr

William Clare Roberts

Chapter One, he makes a claim that, while it does not use the language of ‘real freedom’ and the like, resonates clearly with these earlier passages. ‘The religious reflections of the actual world can, in general, vanish only when the relations of practical, work-a-day life present themselves to humans

Martin Deleixhe

that, while in the long run their interests meet, at present the Irish contingent has different issues on its mind and therefore needs a certain amount of freedom to formulate its own demands. What is noteworthy is that the general image emerging from Engels’s speech substantially amends Marx

Charles Post

of the bourgeois revolution also came from within historical materialism. The so-called ‘Political Marxists’ (or as I prefer, Capital- centric Marxists) – Robert Brenner, 7 Ellen Meiksins Wood 8 and George Comninel 9 – acknowledge the power of the revisionists’ empirical critique, and present

Dwelling Poetically

Educational Challenges in Heidegger’s Thinking of Poetry


Haim Gordon

This book philosophically discusses the educational challenges of dwelling poetically, which, according to Martin Heidegger, means learning from great poems how to live a worthy life and relate authentically to beings and to Being. The gifts of great poetry are carefully described and concrete approaches are presented that the educator can adopt.

Personalism Revisited

Its Proponents and Critics


Edited by Thomas O. Buford and Harold H. Oliver

This book presents selected addresses presented before the Personalist Discussion Group meetings held in conjunction with the annual meetings of The American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division. It includes the central ideas of American Personalistic Idealism developed during the twentieth century, its major criticisms, and recent developments by philosophers who are either Personalistic Idealists or sympathetic to the position.