Hon S. Chan

, eco- nomic, and technological development has spawned demands for regu- lation in a broad range of policy areas. In the course of translating vague legislative mandates into policy programmes, administrative dis- 3. See David Rosenbloom, Federal Service and the Constitution: The Development of

Juliet Lodge

protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector, ECO323,CODEC1175, 13883/01, Brussels, 20.11.2001 setting out reservations. 20 Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, Opinion 4/2004 on the Processing of Personal Data by means of video surveillance, 11750/02/EN, WP89, adopted 11 February 2004

Edmund Malesky

cited explanation for provincial autonomy, namely whether the extent of autonomy is influenced by the dominance of one source of eco- nomic activity (i.e., state, private or foreign) over another. Before I can test these explanations for provincial autonomy, I first need to develop a way of measuring


reputation as “rotten”––trouble came when depositors withdrew $450 million in a week, responding to rumors of an imminent audit. The Czech Finance Minister estimated that IPB would have had losses equaling two to four percent of GDP, and offi cials suggested that some $300 million may have been siphoned off

Geoffrey Hosking

directors, issue half-yearly reports and submit annual accounts to audit (Hunt, 1936, 96–101, 134–7; Baskin & Miranti, 1997, chapter 4). G. Hosking / Comparative Sociology 10 (2011) 186–220 195 Another way of both raising capital and providing stability was through insurance companies. These had first

Wang Ming and Zhu Xiaohong

-being. It is based on enterprise strategy; its aim, however, is not maximization of profit, but realization of certain eco- nomic and social goals. Moreover, it has the capacity to bring new solutions to social crowding and unemployment.” 3 Around the same time, EMES, the European Research Network, proposed

, 190, 421-509 Act of - 423, 434, 454, 455 Agriculture and food securi- ty 482-485 Audit 501, 503 Common Market Tribunal of the - 190 - Co-ordination Committee 77, 426, 435, 438, 458 (East - African Community) Council 71, 77, 421, 424, 427, 429, 433-9, 441, 443, 445, 446, 448-51, 453, 455, 456-63, 466

David Dyker

the rest of the world. Does Russia feel diff erent, and if so why? As we shall see later, there is a domestic policy dialogue in Russia that looks at the interaction between WTO accession/non-accession and various possible scenarios for Russia’s future eco- nomic development. Before looking at these

Yuxin Lan

politics (185) Macroeconomics and sustainable development (31) Agricultural economics (180) Economic system reform (30) Finance (166) Insurance (29) Enterprise economics (152) Military (26) Investment (134) Auditing (22) 224 Lan Y. / Th e China Nonprofi t Review 1 (2009) 221-245 relief. Th e early

Göran Englund, Celine Arzél, Lisa Dessborn and Johan Elmberg

intensity Trial Stimulus Predator type Low Response to sounds from (predatory) birds Auditive Aerial Intermediate Response to smell and sighting of predators (mink, pike) Olfactory, visual (auditive when mink moved) Terrestrial and aquatic High Response to direct attack by goshawk or pike Visual Aerial and