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Gabor Klaniczay

GABOR KLANICZAY THE CINDERELLA FFFFCT: LATE MEDIEVAL FEMALE SAINTHOOD IN CENTRAL EUROPE AND IN ITALY* "My God, I would rather be a poor handmaid than the . king's daughter so that I could serve God better."1 Saint Margaret of Hungary's wishful exclamation - quoted by the investi- . gations

Gunvor Brinck-Lindroth

Differentiation and Distribution of the Flea Amalaraeus penicilliger (Grube, 1851) in Western and Central Europe with a Description of a New Subspecies A. p. pyrenaicus By GUNVOR BRINCK-LINDROTH Department of Animal Ecology, University of Lund, Sweden Abstract The Microtinae flea Amalaraeus

Marina Cattaruzza and Constantin Iordachi

At the beginning of the third Millennium, research on the history of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in East-Central Europe has registered noticeable progress. Manifold reasons of political and scholarly nature have stimulated the emergence of new perspectives and avenues of investigation in

EAST CENTRAL EUROPE/ L'EUROPE DU CENTRE EST: Eine wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift Vol. 31, part 1 2004 Table of Contents ............,................................................ . Articles : ¡ . . Josette Baler / THE CREATION OF POLITY IN BULGARIA ] (REALPOLITIK OR CONSTITUTIONALISM PER

Rudolf Klein

Sergey R. Kravtsov, In the Shadow of Empires—Synagogue Architecture in East Central Europe (Weimar: Grunberg Verlag, 2018), 294 pages, ca. 100 ills. This 13.5 by 20.5 cm, roughly 300-page book sails against the tide of large coffee table books about synagogue architecture and its history. The

Teodora Daniela Sechel

Principalities, Moldavia and Wallachia, and Russia and its Baltic provinces, constituting geographically Eastern and Central Europe. It intends to analyze the peculiarities of the circulation of medical knowledge. Another scope is to uncover the agents and vectors favoring this type of knowledge circulation in

Moss, Kenneth

as a point of reference in developing policies toward Central Europe, with U.S. diplomats working primarily to get Europeans to recognize U.S. interests.keywordsAmerican policymakers; antebellum ideas...


John Paul Newman

of a prodigiously talented young author searching for his ideas and his identity. But it also speaks to the many complicated and cross-cutting currents that flowed through central Europe in the era of the great transformations ofthe pre-war and the wartime period. Krleža was exposed to – and embraced

Michael Sozan

MICHAEL SOZAN (Slippery Rock, Pa., U.S.A.) Sociocultural Transformation in East Central Europe: The Case of the Hungarian Peasant-Worker in Burgenland* The following essay will analyze the role of the peasant-worker in the transfor- mation of East Central European rural society and culture


Beata Wojciechowska

1 Introduction In medieval and early modern Central Europe—by which we mean Bohemia (with Silesia, a Bohemian fief since the 14th century), Poland, and the lands of the Teutonic Order in Prussia—there were some significant factors that characterised religious life in these vast borderlands of