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Friday M. Mbon

Initiatives in Religion (Nairobi: East African Publishing House, 1971), p. viii; see also the accounts of C.P. Groves, The Planting of - Christianity in Africa, 4 vols. (London: Lutterworth Press, 1948-54) and Roland Oliver, The Missionary Factor in East Africa (London: Longmans, 1952). 10. E. Geoffrey

Gosnell L. Yorke

particular. In the words of Mosala: 'Aluta continua'.32 Notes 1 J N K Mugambi, From liberation to reconstruction: African Christian theology after the Cold War, Nairobi, Kenya: East Africa Educational Publishers Ltd, 1995, p 143. 2 See Bernard Ramm, Protestant biblical interpretation. Third Revised Edition

Jan-Martin Berentsen, David M. Traboulay and Arnulf Camps

carried out mainly by Protestant scholars of religion in West and East Africa. Secondarily, the work of some leading Catholic scholars in Francophone Central Africa is studied. Using the method of source criticism I have tried to demonstrate how various religious and political outlooks and interests

Norman E. Thomas

-economic Development in the Context of African Socialism." AFER, 23 (1981), 221-231. Okullu, Henry. Church and politics in East Africa. Nairobi: Uzima Press, 1974. "The One-party state Debate". Moto, May 1984, 11-12. Regehr, Ernie. Perceptions of apartheid: The churches and political change In South Africa. Scottdale

Kwesi A. Dickson

Theology of Gospel and Culture. Leicester, Inter-varsity Press, 1969 ' Okullu, J.H., Church and Politics in East Africa. Nairobi, Uzima Press, 1974 Oosthuizen, G.C., Post-Christianity in Africa. C. Hurst, 1968; also Stellenbosch, Wever, 1968 59 Pobee, J.S., Towards an African Theology. Nashville

J.W. Hofmeyr, Richard Gray and John S. Pobee

Tropical Africa, Oxford University Press for International African Institute, London, 1968, 25-28. 2. T.O. Beidelman, Colonial Evangelism: a socio-historical study of an East African Mission at the grassroots, Indiana University Press, Bloomington 1982. 3. A modern presentation of CMS History, written by

Jaakko Lounela

preferably keep in contact with Ethiopian Christians. An Ethiopian had suggested that the S.L.M. should start to work with Ethiopian refugees in Kenya and its Board sent the chairman Axel B. Svensson, together with a former missionary in Ethiopia, Mr. Anton Jonsson, to East Africa. They arrived in Kenya in

John S. Mbiti

Christianity at an early stage of their encounter. o It neglected the values and insights of African religiosity which had sustained society for many millennia of human history. In the light of scientific consensus that human beings evolved first in East Africa, and there are indications that they reached

Carolyn Osiek

, is not without its own challenges. 'Enculturation.'2 A friend with nearly twenty years' experience in East Africa describes it as what everyone talks about and no one does anything. What is the entry point for the Gospel in these cultural melting pots, and how? Is the Gospel a timeless revela- tion

Gerrie F. Snyman

man's God as painted by white missionaries and so-called cultural revivalists.' 395 Wabukala and LeMarquand (2000) show how an East-African com- munity in Kenya related to certain aspects of Deuteronomy and Galatians regarding the hanging of a person. Although traditional ideas have allowed these