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Carlos García Mac Gaw

, the most notable expressions of which were found in Crete with the palace of Knossos as a political centre in around 2000 BCE . Around 1600 BCE the balance of power shifted to the Greek mainland, where several monarchical independent political units developed around their respective palaces: the

Wei Hsiu Tung

addressing within communities socio-political as much as cultural identity-related issues in an increasingly globalised world. To take one example, many Taiwanese artists involved in community-based and socially engaged practices have been very much aware of the need to strike a healthy balance between local

Reconsidering Richard Shusterman’s Somaesthetics

The Confucian Debate between Mèng Zǐ and Xún Zǐ

James Garrison

ear and eye become acute, blood and bodily energy harmonize and balance, movements and customs transform and change, everything under heaven becomes tranquil, and everyone together enjoys what is beautiful and good. Thus it said: music is joy. 55 And it is here, in discussion of aesthetic

Mathias Girel

and social dimensions of the soma . Lastly, Rorty’s opposition between “cultural politics”, as practiced by the elites in the academe, involving racial, gay, feminist and other identity politics, and “real politics”, involving mainly “the balance of power between the rich and the poor”(as quoted p

The Reader and the Redeemer

Constituting Agency in the Political Thought of John Dewey and Hannah Arendt

Callum Ingram

however weak is our power to bring it about, membership in a flawed and uncertain universe is all that may be asked by the messianic agent. In the words of Dewey in Experience and Nature : When we have used our thought to its utmost and have thrown into the moving unbalanced balance of things our puny

Gustavo Javier Arroyo

to prefer the best justified theories and opt for agnosticism when evidence is insufficient to tip the balance towards one of the competing hypotheses. Even if some philosophers of science recognized the presence of non-cognitive goals in scientific research, their incidence was supposed to be

Les Oglesby

it demands a psychic complement to restore the balance’ (Jung, 1968b , p. 42). Jung's theological response, set out in a psychologised version in his essay on the Trinity (Jung, 1942 / 1948 , pp. 180–187), proposes three ages: of the Father, of the Son (of Christ in conflict with his adversary

Robert Matthews

falls to the great artist to creatively find the new expression of wholeness: Whenever conscious life becomes one-sided or adopts a false attitude, these images ‘instinctively’ rise to the surface in dreams and in the visions of artists and seers to restore the psychic balance, whether of the

Colin C. Smith

inspection in the Statesman digression. The due measure sought by the dialectician is the appropriate balance necessary for true accounts, and an understanding of the norms governing the good account. In the moves that follow, the statesman will be shown to be both a fixed ratio on the spectrum of care for

Jason Hannan

. How does a pragmatist maintain so fine and delicate a balance? The answer is through a thoroughgoing spirit of fallibilism . To be a fallibilist is to recognize that we can neither stand on solid or eternal foundations nor discard the entirety of our beliefs and begin from scratch. Rather, our