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Zheng Zhang

assignments reflected students’ manoeuvre of multiple modes and media and the school’s focus on multimodal and new media literacies. However, it is worth noting that the majority of Kelly’s literacy practices in Ms. Tyler’s class centered around pen to paper meaning-making due to the mediation of the


Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne

the public agenda, his topic. 2 The development and popularisation of such media literacy is an important component of the oppositional digital and social media world, which defines its identity precisely in terms of its difference from the dominant media. The dominant media in turn fear this growing

Nachshon Goltz and Tracey Dowdeswell

assess its consequences for media use in general, media literacy and, more specifically, media effects. 63 Two main modes of parental mediation are positive mediation, which involves encouraging, facilitating, and requiring certain activities—giving a ‘green light’—and negative mediation, which involves

Alexis Weedon

like social media literacy’ ( Grizzle et al., 2013 ). For UNESCO a new literacy strategy is needed which harmonizes and encapsulates all of these. Print is only one of the dominant symbol systems of a culture, and if there are to be new directions in print culture these need to reach into the

Laurens de Rooij

E. , & Mael Fred , “ Social Identity Theory and the Organization ,” Academy of Management Review 14 / 1 ( 1989 ), 20 – 39 . Ashley Seth , Poepsel Mark , & Willis Erin , “ Media Literacy and News Credibility: Does Knowledge of Media Ownership Increase

Transitioning from an EdD to a PhD

A Critical Case Study through a Social/Global Education Lens

Cameron White

culture through globalized impositions warrant critical investigation in education, as media and culture greatly influence human interactions. Media is a powerful entity in the education process and also in impacting individual and group identity – thus the need for critical medialiteracy.” Linking


Thomas R. Hudspeth

thinking and other higher-order thinking skills for them to be able to analyze news. Skills taught to K-12 as well as higher education students in media literacy programs, such as by Ithaca College’s Project Look Sharp with its Media Constructions of Sustainability: Food, Water and Agriculture ( www

Hava E. Vidergor

will need: critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration, and creativity and innovation. Among Digital literacy skills students will need: information literacy; media literacy, and information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy. Among Career and life skills

Dana Fusco and Michael Baizerman

Association ( apa ) released a statement advocating for the reduction of violence in video games marketed to young people as well as an increase in media literacy and transparent depiction of harmful effects to be posted on products of the entertainment industry, and this resolution was updated in 2015 ( APA