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Begg, Christopher T. and Spilsbury, Paul

Book of Daniel, which set specific times for their predictions. In Ant. 10.267 Josephus highlights the specificity of Daniel’s prophecies as indicative of his superiority over other prophets.20Greek δίαιτα. See note to “regimen” at 10.190.21Josephus embellishes the biblical narrative which states

Begg, Christopher T. and Spilsbury, Paul

read the prediction in Scripture that “one of the Greeks would destroy the empire of the Persians” (Ant. 11.337).27In Josephus’ reading the iron kingdom is Rome. In Ant. 10.276 Josephus states explicitly that Daniel “wrote about the empire of the Romans.” In the rabbinic tradition, Exod. Rab. 35.5 also

Feldman, Louis H.

brothers, who likewise prostrate themselves. Thus, the prediction in Joseph’s first dream, according to which his brothers would prostrate themselves, is fulfilled. By reserving prostration to this point, Josephus makes it seem more climactic than in the Bible, where the brothers repeatedly prostrated

Mason, Steve

hostilities (Dio, Or. 77/78.142). In view of the actual violence committed here, the term is no longer simply metaphorical.44The rebels have thus fulfilled, in an extreme way, Agrippa’s prediction (2.392-93) that sabbath violations will bring their ruin. Josephus has managed to connect in one episode

Mason, Steve

fulfillment of prophetic prediction: whether of the fall of the first temple (10.33-34, 79, 140-41), the restoration under Cyrus (11.5-6), or later events (10.275-81; 11.336-37)—all foreseen precisely long before they occurred.18Xerxes I, son of Darius Hystaspes and Atossa, ruled the Persian empire from 485

van Henten, Jan Willem

Manaemus’ predictions narrated in Ant. 15.373-379 (especially 15.374) and is taken up again in 15.387. Herod also refers to God’s support in his commander speech before the decisive battle with the Nabateans in 31(30) BCE (15.127-146, especially 15.130, 135-136, 138, 144); in 15.135 Josephus has Herod say

Mason, Steve

number of Judaizers in each city.348Shortly after Agrippa’s speech, this prediction will be validated in the narrative. The slaughter of more than 20,000 Judeans in Caesarea (2.457) brings Judean retaliations against numerous villages and cities throughout Syria and the Decapolis (Caesarea, Philadelphia

Ignace Bourgeois, Jean Bourgeois, Leon Van Hoof, Wim Van Huele, Jari Hinsch Mikkelsen, Laurence Cammaert, Hugo Decleir and Roger Langohr

middle of the next century in the Altai Mountains 17. These predictions are based on active layer thickness calculation using predicted climatological data generated by General Circulation Models. It is also therefore possible that the occurrence of discontinuous permafrost in the Altai Mountains will


note. It is possible that apart from the rites associated with the cult of fertility, here, as was the accepted practice in Greek temples, 15 spells were cast, predictions were made and so on. Analysis of the whole range of Ž nds shows that this building was erected no earlier than the middle of the 3

Askold Ivantchik

hoplite. 41 Meanwhile, ‘Scythians’ often appear with a woman or an old man, in another scene connected with setting off to battle – performance of extispicy (prediction on the basis of the entrails of a sacri fi ced animal): 10 of the group of 19 vases examined by Lissarrague show ‘Scythians’ (Fig. 8). 42