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Anna Stevens

residents. 1 In this paper, I consider further the subject of the role and percep- tion of the royal cult in the private sphere, with particular focus on royal women of the period. That female members of the royal family attained a degree of divinity along with Akhenaten is reasonably clear, although the

Love of God and Apologia for a King

Solomon as the Lord’s Beloved King in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Contexts

Isaac Kalimi

Demaratus of Spartan, Xerxes added another plea, saying that “he had been born when Darius was already king and ruler of Persia, but Artobazanes when Darius was yet a subject … Darius judged his plea to be just and declared him king.” Herodotus continues, “But to my thinking Xerxes would have been made king

Julia Krul

? After all, it is she, not Ereškigal, who is listed frequently in the legal documents as a subject of prebendary duties and a recipient of guqqû and eššēšu offerings, who received special offerings on different days of the year, and who inspired at least a few inhabitants of Uruk to name their child

Christopher Woods

great divide between day and night, between what is known and what is unknown. It is a liminal space that for many cultures, as for the Greeks, is removed from the laws that govern the natural world, not subject to the constraints of space and time, a region populated by fantastic creatures that can

Philip Schmitz

’s jaded observation that human- ity and beasts have rûa ˜ x e ˜ā d ‘one spirit’ (Eccl 3:19). The skeptical speculation that both kinds may be without distinction after death regarding the direction rûa ˜ travels (3:21) appears to question received wisdom on the subject. The two metaphoric concepts Life is

Nadav Na'aman

scholars and an enormous amount of literature has been written on this controversial issue. For a list of some works recently published on this subject, see Sweeney 2001: 41-49; Arneth 2001: 189-216; Barrick 2002; Albertz 2005: 27-46; Hardmeier 2005: 123-163; Uehlinger 2005: 279-316; van der Toorn 2007

Joseph Lam

these would be in grammatical agreement with the subject pdry . The -t could also represent a 2nd person (masculine or feminine) singular suffix conjugation form, in which case pdry would be the object. However, the only verbal root M-T-R in Ugaritic that I am aware of is attested just in the Š

Ada Taggar-Cohen

list of other professionals. See CHD P-p. 375 a . Another possible restoration is that instead of those who are the subject of the verb ‘cast’ there is something like: A- NA PA-NI d U- m ] a without saying who does it. For this compare the NIN.DINGIR rite from Emar, line 2: “the sons of Emar will take

Katja Goebs

-goddess is there called to assist (and therefore clearly located far from) the ageing sungod, who has lost the authority over his subjects, that is, mankind. Having killed the human rebels, and waded in their blood, the Eye-goddess returns (verses 49-60). In a second episode, the goddess goes out again to

Mary Bachvarova

called upon “subjects the culprit to a painful illness and in this way forces him to confess.” (Versnel 1991:73) 30 A key factor a ff ecting Greek curse imagery was surely a change in how mundane judges were selected. In early Greece, the par- ticipants in the trial selected a judge themselves, based on