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Megan Liu

( 1998 ): 7. 3 Joan Tumblety, Memory and History: Understanding Memory as Source and Subject (New York: Routledge, 2013 ). 4 James Burnham Sedgwick, “Memory on Trial: Constructing and Contesting the ‘Rape of Nanking’ at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, 1946-1948,” Modern

Wang Bo (王博)

subjects, beginning with a proper education in the Confucian classics and ending with the learning of ritual. By “classics,” Xunzi means the Book of Songs and Book of Documents , generally considered the most important of the Confucian classics. The phrase “[learning] culminates in etiquette” indicates

Andrew H. Plaks

the “Letter to Aristeias” 207 included within the corpus of the Jewish apocrypha (“As you wish that no evil should befall you, but to be a partaker of all good things, so you should act on the same principle towards your subjects and offenders, and you should mildly admonish the noble and good

Fu Youde and Wang Qiangwei

tone and gentle diction. If his parents do not listen to him, a son should remain respectful as ever and wait until they are in high spirits or there is a suitable moment before broaching the subject again.” 33 Because the rationale behind remonstrating a parent is helping that parent avert an

Translator Caterina Weber

gaining ground refers to various academic subjects, such as sociology, increasingly often choosing a historical angle as their direction of research or carrying out meticulous research on the history of their own discipline or on the history of learning. To some extent, research in the social sciences

Wanshu Zhu

, Qian Qianyi (錢謙益, 1582-1664) traveled to Huizhou and composed thirty poems about it. 8 Many more literary figures have set foot in Huizhou and made it the subject of their poetry, propagating the image of Huizhou as a sanctuary of mountains and rivers through literary depiction. Perhaps no image is

Yongqian Su

, the Queen Mother of the West’s myth has once more become the subject of academic interest and papers, and monographs have subsequently been published on it. One important aspect they touched on concerned the goddess’s original form. Two main trends emerged. In the first trend, scholars tended to

Jingxi Liu

Translator Anja Bihler

human society continuously advances. Humanity has already advanced from a feudal society of “subjects” to a modern society of “citizens.” Unlike in the age of feudalism, it is no longer a small social elite that sustains modern societies but “right holders” universally acknowledged by society. This is

Sarah Allan

of Xia, Shang and Zhou involves a conceptual problem. The reason is that the theory of dynasties that were subject to a changing celestial mandate is implicit in this formulation. This theory made sense in the historical context of the early Zhou rulers who had just defeated a long-established state

Emily Williams

must conquer nature’ (人定胜天) reflected the idea that just as the Chinese people would no longer be subject to the will of the elites, so too would they take control of the whims of nature (see Image 2). The environmental consequences of these actions, and the post-Maoist economic boom that put short