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Cleansing Instead of Combat?

E. Janet Warren’s Temple-Cosmos Model of Counteracting Evil, and its Implications for Charismatic Missiology

Christian J. Anderson

Publishers, 2000). 27 Samuel Hio-Kee Ooi, ‘A study of strategic level spiritual warfare from a Chinese perspective’, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 9.1 (2006), pp. 143–61; cf. p. 160. On the subject of continuity of spirit cosmology, it is worth contrasting Paul Hiebert’s expectation that a self

Paul Ladouceur

essence and the divine energy is crucial to clarify how God makes himself known in creation. This distinction was the subject of a great philosophical, theological and spiritual quarrel in the 14th century over the possibility of knowing and experiencing God. The quarrel pitted the monks of Mount Athos

Wendell L. Willis

the interest in Christology that dominated the twentieth century. But for the present concern, the second half is our focus, because it does use χαρίζεσθαι to explain God’s affirmation of Jesus. As in 1:29 the same verb is used and in each case God is the subject-giver. Although most English


John J. Collins

and says that human beings are left in the power of their yetzer , or inclination. 59 The yetzer is not an external force like the spirits are, but nonetheless it cannot be equated with free will, and it is not entirely subject to rational control. 60 Many Judeans in the late Second Temple period


Matthew S. Goldstone

creation of entire literary units expounding specific subjects” (Ibid.). 4 A prime example of Neusner’s position can be found in Neusner, Judaism, the Evidence of the Mishnah . 5 For a succinct and encompassing critique of Neusner’s position, see Cohen, “Jacob Neusner, Mishnah and Counter-Rabbinics.” 6


Matthew S. Goldstone

of heart and redirection in life is not new. In this sense these sources merely continue existing tropes for penitence. But conceptually they also serve as a model and inspiration for redirecting the normal concept of rebuke back onto the subject. Thus, most importantly for our purposes, we find


Matthew S. Goldstone

Venice printing all clearly indicate that it is Akiva who increased love for R. Yoḥanan ben Nuri. MS Vatican 33 preserves a somewhat ambiguous reading: “that he increased love for him” ( שהוא מוסיף לו אהבה ). Only in MS JTS do we find the variant reading with R. Yoḥanan ben Nuri as the subject: “that I

Matitiahu Tsevat

33 THEOLOGY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT - A JEWISH VIEW* Matitiahu Tsevat The formulation of the subject of this lecture may invite criticism. Instead of taking advantage of the exceptional opportunity of this session to expound upon the Jewish view or the view of Judaism, I am going to unpack my own

Darian Lockett

brokered by historical development, as the salvation-historical approach does. If the Bible’s overarching coherence is dependent upon a reconstructed salvation history, the quality or character of that reconstruction has potential to distort the theological construal of the Bible’s ultimate subject

Keith Bodner

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