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Kevin C. Chang

its member states. 4 Finally, among the types of harms the un may inflict, this article focuses on harms resulting from tortious acts. 5 These acts constitute the most commonly received claims from third parties in un peace operations, 6 and have been subject to relatively

Julieta Solano McCausland and Enrique Carnero Rojo

the trial of one more person is pending, and an additional six individuals remain subject to warrants of arrest. Several Chambers have confirmed their pre- vious decisions on the way in which trial proceedings must be prepared and conducted, includ- ing the scope of victim participation at trial and

Angela Del Vecchio

previously existed and which draws its strength of application from the setting up of new international tribunals endowed with personal, subject matter and territorial jurisdiction. It is precisely these courts and tribunals, when ruling that individual cases fall within the scope of the general interests of

Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont

populations, the relevance of which was the subject of ample development by Judge Cançado Trindade in his Separate Opinion. Another reference to these factors appears at the end of the Judgment, where the Court expressed en passant its concerns for “the needs of the populations of the areas concerned by the

Marjorie Beulay

] law suit in which the court authorizes a single person or small group of people to represent the interest of a larger group ”. 67 However, as we can see, the notion of legal personality is not taken into account in this definition, unlike in the subject matter at hand. Nevertheless, this procedure

Benedict Kingsbury and Lorenzo Casini

, best practices, national policy assessments, and other documents rather amorphously analyzed under the ‘soft law’ rubric). In examining these activities as forms of administration (broadly understood), subject to precepts of good administration and legal International Organizations Law Review 6 (2009

Anne Orford

that sense, the appeal to ‘responsibility’ does not function to impose new duties and obligations upon legal subjects or international actors. Rather, the language of ‘responsibility’ serves a diff erent normative function – it works to allocate jurisdiction, confer power of a public nature and pro

Splitting the Baby

Incidental Review of United Nations Security Council Resolutions by the European Court of Human Rights

Arman Sarvarian

relation to the ‘targeted sanctions’ regime that proscribes specific individuals by subjecting them to restrictions on liberty, such as the freezing of assets and travel bans. Targeted sanctions have been criticised for violating the procedural rights of targeted individuals. For tactical reasons

Kudrat Virk

aim in this article is to highlight the limits of his approach in the book towards the evolving norm of responsibility to protect ( r2p ), and, in so doing, also the approaches generally taken in the internal Indian debate on the subject. What I do not set out to do is evaluate the substance of the

Christiane Ahlborn

contracts between States at the moment of the creation of an international organization, it will be contended that they also operate as constitutions during the life of the organization, giving it the autonomy to create internal law in force between the subjects of its legal order, including its member