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Farid Laroussi

fetishization of the politics of difference (colonial history, political institutions, positions regarding Palestine’s resistance, etc.), a politics of blame-shifting that displaces the target of criticism away from the former metropolitan powerhouse(s) and onto the postcolonial subject. Not surprisingly

Moain Sadeq

institution for teaching and learning religion-related subjects before the evolution of the madrasa system (school or Islamic college), which was first initiated in the Seljuq era (d. 429–707/1038–1307) to teach religious and secular subjects, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and Iran. Once this

Alexandros Sakellariou

people in a more elaborative way than the journalistic approach or in their personal self-presentations. This will be the subject of a whole separate research project, which is going to follow the present analysis. Discourse Analysis The method that is going to be applied to this material is the

Sarah Bracke

hand, and the growing presence of Islam in the Netherlands on the other, as two discrete and coincidental dynamics. Would it not be more plausible to consider these dynamics to be related? To address this question, let us consider the subject of an Islamic pillar and its relation to other instances

Shiite “Communities of Practice” in Germany

Researching Multi-Local, Heterogeneous Actors in Transnational Space

Robert Langer and Benjamin Weineck

represent offline existing communities and institutions and those that engage in forging a “virtual community” that does not have corresponding connections and bonds offline. 12 In order to address such multi-local and heterogeneous subjects, we employ a conceptual framework first constructed by Jane Lave

Ralph Grillo

only ‘One Law for All’ (the title of one campaign group).There are also Muslims who share the view that the councils breach gender equality and human rights legislation, discriminate against women and subject them to patriarchal authority. On the other hand there are defenders (Muslim and non

Matthijs van den Bos

all eras among all peoples and religions and the purpose of creation; uses of valāyat in the language of the people of God; requirements for the Wayfarer ( sālek ) in relation to God; dealings of the Wayfarer with the people; dealings of the Wayfarer with the subjects of his country and his forces

Armando Salvatore

civilizational legacies. The sociology of Islam does not need to discard the notion of global civility and global society altogether, but can contribute to identifying the main points of friction in global processes. It evidences what makes them subject to contestations, compromises and civilizationally specific

Cultural Opportunity and Social Movements

The Iranian Green Movement and the Egyptian Tahrir Revolution

Arash Reisinezhad and Parisa Farhadi

needs to bear in mind that while participation in demonstrations may help the analyst to investigate the members’ perception of cultural opportunities, the process of selection of slogans is subject to bias and partiality. In fact, the interpretation of these data was based on my reading rather than the

A Wahhabi Ethic in Saudi Arabia

Power, Authority, and Religion in a Muslim Society

Abdullah F. Alrebh

terms of affecting people’s beliefs and actions and contributing to the transformation and legitimating of social, political, and economic institutions. Although Weber’s Protestant Ethic thesis has been the subject of continual debate and criticism, with scholars challenging many of Weber’s basic