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’s consent). Several ‘Pillar iii measures’ were also recommended, although only two were coercive , namely, targeted sanctions against regime members complicit in atrocities, and referral of these (and maybe other) individuals to the icc Prosecutor. The influence of the R 2 P norm on the

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, the less discretion the EU legislator enjoys and the stricter judicial scrutiny will be’ 90 . This has been the position, at least, in the case law regarding terrorism and targeted sanctions 91 . 5 Transposition of International Counterterrorism Measures by Member States Ultimately, Member

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2011. The resolution demanded “an immediate end to the violence” and called “for steps to fulfil the legitimate demands of the population” (operative para 1). The Council imposed both general and “targetedsanctions: (1) It referred the situation in Libya to the ICC (operative paras 4–8); (2) it

In: International Community Law Review
Author: Cheah Wui Ling

apply for de-listing. For an evolutionary overview of Committee 1267’s procedure as well as challenges to its legality, see generally: Addressing Challenges to Targeted Sanctions: An Update of the ‘Watson Report’ , October 2009 (hereinafter Watson’s Report); Johannes Reich, “Due Process and Sanctions

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commander, now part of the Congolese Army, Bosco Ntaganda, 37 is subject both to an arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court 38 and targeted sanctions by the Security Council. 39 A variety of UN sources have reported that members of the Congolese Army and police have been responsible for

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Authors: Beate Bull and Arne Tostensen

exemption and by monitoring humanitarian impacts; · Targeting sanctions measures on the elites in power (and their supportive constituencies) who are in breach of accepted international standards of behaviour. These two elements have a common goal: enhancing the effectiveness of sanctions regimes by

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frequency and visibility, the iaea was coming under increasing pressure by Washington to refer Iran’s nuclear dossier to the un Security Council for the imposition of targeted sanctions under Chapter vii of the un Charter. This was exactly the scenario Iran was endeavoring to avoid at all cost

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Author: Erika Nakamura

Secretariat, un Doc. a/62/329, 11 September 2007, para. 12. 78 For instance, in the context of un targeted sanctions, Professor Reinisch also reflects on possible alternative mechanisms or procedures, including political mechanisms. A. Reinisch, ‘Developing Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

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. In the same year, the EU imposed “targeted sanctions” that eff ectively cut $100 million worth of devel- opment aid from 2002 to 2007. Th is followed the Zimbabwe parliament pass- ing a law in 2001 to ban foreign observers from the elections coming up in 2002 because of the need by the government to

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an inference about the degree of fault, targets sanctions against the perpetrators of criminal acts. Apparent exceptions to this legal norm allowing for ascription of blame to a third party, ils-dupret-r_CS2.indd 422 ils-dupret-r_CS2.indd 422 9/20/2006 9:36:26 AM 9/20/2006 9:36:26 AM book reviews

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