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Tine Destrooper

, truth telling, reparations to victims and institutional reform) to ensure accountability, serve justice and achieve reconciliation. These top-down and bottom-up mechanisms are developed and implemented in an attempt to avoid future rights violations. An obvious challenge of top-down interventions in

Missions of Long Duration to Kosovo, Sandjak and Vojvodina 100 as part of the overall cscE efforts to ease local tensions, guard against violations of human rights, encourage dialogue and reconciliation between the communities. They called for the establishment and promotion of democratic rights

intensified problems between clans and within a fragmented Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). A reliable judiciary will be essential to the refugee return process. Free media will foster reconciliation. The international community must reconstruct the economy. This has not yet been done in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kinga Gál

can be considered as an important instrument of preventive diplomacy, demonstrating that the international community is aware of the positive role that the protection of national minorities plays in the reconciliation between neighbouring states in Central and Eastern Europe, and therefore reinforcing

Eloi Diarra

factions (called "patriot soldiers") removed Moussa Traore from power on the night of 26 March. That was the end of the second republic. 1991-1992: The country was primarily led by a Council of National Reconciliation (CRN - Conseil de Reconciliation Nationale) and then by a Committee of Transition for the

Branislav Milinkovic

in many aspects of post-conflict rehabilitation. They are (or were) involved in activities such as monitoring or the training of local police forces, promoting reconciliation, strengthening the rule of law and public administration, building democratic institutions, assisting in the return of

Emmanouil Athanasiou

impressive example of a mission’s action in this field remains the OSCE Mission in Croatia, which has developed a series of projects encompassing a broad spectrum of areas such as fostering multiethnic co-operation and reconciliation and strengthening the capacity and skills of NGO s, Roma and minority

Khanyisela Moyo

De Greiff’s normative conception of transitional justice. 30 De Greiff states that whereas providing recognition to victims and fostering civic trust are the two urgent goals of transitional justice, the long term goals are democratisation and reconciliation. 31 This critique will focus on one of

Benjamin Ward

strategies should include emergency arrangements for law and order and confidence-building measures by civilian and military agencies during the crucial first weeks of the operation, as well as longer- term plans for reconciliation, law and justice. An independent investigation into the response of civilian

Tom Wilhelm

can directly inhibit strategic reconciliation. Another significant detractor is the tendency for the perceived or actual role of the non- belligerent, third-party peacekeeper to shift from a referee/facilitator to a guardian role, particularly if the third party reflects a foreign policy engagement