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M. Whitney Kelting

see her standing at the door in chains, making an offering of lentils to Mahavir with tears in her eyes. Candanbala’s tears, which arise after Mahavir passes by without taking alms, resonate with the Jain experience of worshipping an unresponsive Jina. Jain theology has been presented as anti- emotion

Peter Dinzelbacher

NVMEN NUMEN International Review for the History of Religions Aims & Scope Numen publishes papers representing the most recent scholarship in all areas of the history of religions. It covers a diversity of geographical regions and religions of the past as well as of the present. The

Ina Wunn

described as the adaptive modiŽ cation of religions throughout history. After discussing the question of a natural systematic unit in the world of religions, the different means of evolutionary processes are investigated. As a result, a theory is presented that understands the development of religions in a

Anne Koch

present, it is possible to reconstruct phases of homogenization, popularization, and diversification, which over-lapped depending on when the different institutions were launched on the market (Koch 2005 ). In Germany, an increasing number of “Ayurvedas” have appeared since the 1990s, which often

Lily Kong

that scholarly interventions at once re-present and conceal religion as experienced and lived. Borrowing from Abbas’ ( 1997 ) notion of “dis-appearance,” I show how the religion in Singapore as constructed through scholarly articulations appears and “dis-appears” — the reality is simultaneously

Heinrich Schäfer

politics mingle closely. This is the case in many of the so called “new wars,” as for example in Bosnia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and other places. The present article focuses on how religion works within conflictive environments to mobilize people and to re-structure their identities. First, we will examine

Knut Aukland

the overall travel patterns in relation to pilgrimage sites? In the second part of the article I present an analysis of my participant observations from two of the most recurring day tours in the itineraries offered in the three locations. The organization of these tours and the wide range of

Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati

ERKUNDUNGEN VON GEGENWELTEN: ZUR ORIENTIERUNGSLEISTUNG «MYTHISCHER» REISEN AM BEISPIEL ZWEIER MESOPOTAMISCHER TEXTE* D ARIA P EZZOLI -O LGIATI Summary The present article focuses on the function of mythic journeys with regard to the problem of death and the transience of human life in two

Spirits in a Material World

Mediation and Revitalization of Woodcarvings in a Naga Village

Arkotong Longkumer

heritage by highlighting the complex role religion — and things related to religion — play in heritage. It demonstrates how heritage as a process opens up conversations between representing the past and the present in the religious grammar of Baptist Christianity and its relationship with materiality

Katharina Frank and Christoph Bochinger

scholarly way of the cul- tural studies. In the last part of the article some cornerstones for the implementation of the school subject Religionskunde and for the development of an applied didactics in the perspective of the study of religions are presented. Keywords religious education in Switzerland