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Robert Siekmann

Notes T h e S i n g a p o r e C o n f e r e n c e o n H u m a n i t a r i a n A c t i o n a n d P e a c e k e e p i n g O p e r a t i o n s On 24-26 February 1997 the Third UNITAR/IPS/NIRA Peacekeeping Con- ference was held in Singapore, this time on the subject of 'Humanitarian Action and

The Role of Practice in International Organizations

The Case of Government Recognition by the International Monetary Fund

Lorenzo Arditi

involves the exercise of discretion subject to the overall legal framework of the organization. 121 The codified law may also serve as the basis for the identification of certain general principles of imf law. Through practice, such principles are drawn from the legal texts. 122 When this

Alexander Orakhelashvili

up by the Conference itself, and then subject to the caveat that attribution requires both the observance of due process and the requisite investigative authority which could not be easily located within the opcw framework. 18 The second sentence in Article viii (19) militates towards

Francesco Seatzu

management schemes for the demobilization, reinsertion, and reintegration of ex-combatants into civilian society and the economy, to enhance programmes and initiatives aimed at tackling the productive difficulties of women and other vulnerable subjects in post-conflict scenarios (eg, lack of labour in

Beyond UN Accountability for Human Rights Violations

Host State Inertia and the Neglected Potential of Sovereign Protection

Frédéric Mégret

staff member to be subjected to a criminal process that did not respect basic international human rights standards. 29 In short, accountability rhetoric, perhaps unsurprisingly given what prompts the setting up of peace operations in the first place, is very beholden to a view that does not take

Reputation and Accountability

Another Look at the United Nations’ Response to the Cholera Epidemic in Haiti

Kristina Daugirdas

institutions (‘IFIs’), which allow individuals who’ve been harmed by an IFI-funded project to challenge the IFI’s compliance with its own internal rules; the Ombudsperson for the ISIS and Al-Qaida Security Council sanctions regime, which allows individuals and entities that are subject to sanctions to

Gaiane Nuridzhanian

differs as between Article 20(2) and Article 20(3). Article 20(2) bars trial by another court for a crime for which the person has already been convicted or acquitted by the Court. As a treaty, the Rome Statute is subject to the pacta tertiis rule, meaning that it is binding only on States parties

Kristen E Boon

2014) (dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction due to the UN’s absolute immunity); World Bank Group v Wallace (Supreme Court of Canada, Case No 36315, 29 April 2016), [2016] 1 SCR 207 (affirming that the World Bank enjoys absolute immunity). See also Stichting Mothers of Srebrenica et al v

in Baghdad, Iraqi authorities apparently have moved ' significant pieces of dual-capable equipment, subject to monitoring by the commission's remote camera monitoring view of the cameras. ' In a letter sent to the Council, Butler said the equipment in- cludes ' gyroscope rotor balancing equipment


The Law of International Organizations 9 THE LAW OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: A SUBJECT WHICH NEEDS EXPLORATION AND ANALYSIS C.F. A MERASINGHE * The law of international organizations, including the institutional law, has been somewhat neglected in the past, even though, or perhaps because