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salamandra (L Korzes Z. Kiss L 1992a 461 466 1758) in the eastern Pyrenees. In: Proc. VI Ord. Gen. Mtg. S.E.H., Budapest,1991 Veith M. The fire salamander Salamandra salamandra L. in Central Europe: subspecies, distribution and intergradation Amph.-Rept 1992b 13 297 313 Veith M. Morphological

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Giuliano Fanelli and Corrado Battisti

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butterflies in Britain and Ireland. Pisces Publications, Oxford. Freese, A., Benes, J., Bolz, R., Cizek, O., Dolek, M., Geyer, A., Gros, P., Konvicka, M., Liegl, A., Stettmer, C. 2006. Habitat use of the endangered butterfly Euphydryas maturna and forestry in Central Europe. Animal Conservation 9: 388

Christine Thuring and Gary Grant

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A . 1998 . The contribution of a planted roof to the thermal protection of buildings in Greece . Energy Build . 27 : 20 – 36 Follak S , Essel F . 2012 . Spread dynamics and agricultural impact of Sorghum halepense , an emerging invasive species in Central Europe . Weed Res . 53