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Beatrice Nicolini

economic source of Zanzibar Island – along the coastal area of Sub-Saharan East Africa. Th e role played by the Omani Sultans – the myth – within the western traditional historiography, which often described them as fi rmly controlling both the Arabian and African littorals and the major trading ports of

, Persia, India, China and other centres along the East African coast. The construction of buildings and mosques with great artistic value was another feature of that time. So sophisticated was urban culture and the extraordinary literate background, these early settlers along the coast of the Indian Ocean

Nico Kaptein

Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and the coastal areas of East Africa. Emigrants often integrated with the local communities. Yet the move did not prevent them from keep- ing linkages to their homeland, to such an extent that it is possible to justify the claim that until the Second World War, Hadramaut

-scale agriculture and environmental management in a development context with his main working experience in East Africa and Southeast Asia. [E-mail:] Ole Bruun is an anthropologist working on environmental and climate change issues in China and Vietnam, including fieldwork-based studies

Educa- tion. 1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616. E-mail:] Anne K. Bang is presently researcher at Unifob Global, University of Bergen, and an Associate Professor at the Department of History, University of Bergen. Her research interests include Islam, the Indian Ocean, East Africa

Nilanjan Raghunath

encyclopedia informs us about Indians in nearly all the parts of the globe such as Latin America, South East Asia, East Africa, Europe, Australia, the Pacifi c, the 316 Book Reviews / Asian Journal of Social Science 37 (2009) 315–320 United Kingdom and the United States. It also covers the complexities of

Frode Jacobsen

steamships, both the sheer number of migrants and the intensity of contact between the homeland of Hadramawt and the diaspora communities increased to the extent that from the 19th cen- tury to the mid 20th century Hadramawt could be described as “arguably more closely connected with East Africa, India and

Imam Ardhianto

contemporary through the description of Boat People (caused by the Vietnam War) and also migrants from the Middle East, East Africa and South Asia. It pays special attention on the Indonesian government’s role and experience as a transit country and the importance of its deliberation and decision making in

Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo

contradictions of the world political economy. Old and new China-Kenya relations are rooted in historical configurations and ideological and political imperatives in Africa and the World, a perspective that raises the issue of how and why such relations have evolved. Why is it that only East Africa in which

Malay World and Java, the Red Sea and the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. The main parts are entitled: "Politics, Local and International" (pp. 35-112), "Social Stratification and Integration" (pp. 131-185), "Religious and Social Reform" (pp. 199-249) and "Economic Dynamics" (pp. 264-297). In the