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Michael Argyle

emotional bonds the hu- man race has known" (p. 86). 168 Victor Turner (1969) found the formation of very strong social bonds in groups of young men going through adult initiation rites in East Africa. At the height of the ritual he found the creation of an ideal state of society "where there is love

the meaning of ‘indigenous pedagogies’ in East Africa. Those contributions which I found least satisfying were those which were speculative and did not pay sufŽ cient attention to local political and historical setting. But even there, one could Ž nd some scope for optimism. In discussing the impact

David Henry Anthony

Carolina represented the North American YMCA in South Africa through the auspices of the Student Christian Association. A student secretary since his sopho- more year in 1911, with Indian and East African experience in World War One, Yergan’s star rose suffi ciently to permit him entry into the racially

F. Hale

has been written about his portrayal of missionaries. The present article is intended as a step towards filling that lacuna in the literary and missionary history of East Africa. The evolution of Ngug � 's depiction of the proliferation of Christianity in Kenya is analysed against the evolving

Laurent Ramambason

). Eight sessions. $145 March 23–27 The East African Revival: Its History, Theology, and Spirituality in Times of Conflict and Genocide, Hope and Trans- formation. Dr. Kevin Ward, University of Leeds, in Leeds, England, a senior mission scholar in residence at OMSC, examines the im- mensely influential

Richard Gribble

regretfully, I have no alternative but to give notice today to all concerned that the seminar cannot take place on the dates specifi ed. 11 Th e Protestant observers were: Samuel Amissah of the All Africa Conference of Churches, John Gatu, Secretary General of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and John Th

Barbara Harrell-Bond

least one, but often more, disposable people find their way to the Green Door of the flat where I live and work on the campus of Makerere University. The research we have been doing is on the extent to which refugees enjoy their rights in East Africa. Although lawyers have produced the most publications

Tinyiko S. Maluleke

IDENTITY AND INTEGRITY IN AFRICAN THEOLOGY A CRITICAL ANALYSIS TINYIKO SAM MALULEKE Abstract This article was born out of a paper the author read at the bi-annual meeting of ATIEA (Association of Theological Institutions in East Africa) held April 2000 in Arusha, Tanzania. In it, the author

Markku Hokkanen

Johannes Rebmann (1820–1876) was a German Pietist missionary and linguist who worked for the Church Missionary Society in East Africa between 1846 and 1875. Like his associate Johann Ludwig Krapf, Rebmann was a key CMS agent in East Africa during the pre-colonial period. Although he spent much