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Hee Eun Lee

attacks. Dulles’s concern regarding such a scenario was demonstrated during a us House of Representative Subcommittee meeting on 11 January 1951, when he explained: “With Communist domination of China and Manchuria, Sakhalin, the Kuriles, and possibly all of Korea, Japan would be placed in an invidious

Kim D. Reimann

North East Asia Peace Movement Pacific Wave Regional Center for Social and Economic Research, Sakhalin University Regional Coalitions, Networks and Movements, and International Partners/Funders Asia Foundation Christian Conference of Asia Civil Society Initiative for Northeast Asia

with Const: veto Article 107 interpretation 220496 ]. Const: war booty bill ruling 060498 A rule in a charter that the speaker signs and publishes a law after the veto of the governor is overridden does not confl ict with the separation of powers. Const: Sakhalin court decision 090498 Rules for

, 342 Rosneft Iamalnefteprodukt decision 07.06.2001 . ............ 7, 44, 100, 106, 240, 261, 263, 270, 337 rural teachers dwellings ruling 24.10.2000 ...... 3, .......... 59, 95, 125, 126, 129, 130, 164, 165, 173 Russlavbank decision 05.10.2000 . 265, 272, 303 Sakhalin court decision 09.04.1998... 15

Seokwoo Lee and Youngkwan Cho

issues concerning comfort women, atomic bomb victims, and Koreans in Sakhalin were not settled by the Claims Agreement, it failed to similarly recognize the rights of forced labor victims. 52 Rather, after evaluating the 1965 Claims Agreement and its interpretations, the two countries’ implementation

Seokwoo Lee and Seryon Lee

regarding ethnic Koreans who were forced to work on Sakhalin Island and the victims of the atomic bombings were not included in the Claims Agreement. The findings of the Joint Public-Private Committee also included the following points: – At the time of the negotiations between Korea and Japan, since the

(attached). Statute amended by Edict of the President No.2266 of 22 /12/93 (see infra). 23/10/93 State Support for the Sakhalin Region Economy. SA 1993 No.44 item 4267 Gov. Decree No.1062 "On Additional Measures of State Support for the Sakhalin Region Economy for 1993-1995". 24/10/93 Reform of State and

A rule in a Charter that the speaker signs and publishes a law after the veto of the governor is overridden, does not confl ict with the division of powers. Const: Sakhalin court decision 090498 A republic is not obliged to adopt laws that fully coincide with the federal laws (see Const: Tatarstan

F.J.M. Feldbrugge and William B. Simons

, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Orel, Penza, Perm', Pskov, Rostov, Riazan', Saratov, Sakhalin, Sverdlovsk, Smolensk, Tambov, Tomsk, Tula, Tiumen', Ulianovsk, Cheliabinsk, Chita, Iaroslavl'; cities of republican subordination: Moscow and Leningrad; autonomous provinces as parts of terrritories: Adyge, Gorno

George Ginsburgs

80 ethnic Koreans living in the Soviet island of Sakhalin returned home for permanent re- settlement after being granted South Korean nationality. If the CIS member states accept Seoul's offer, an ethnic Korean will be able to take South Korean citizenship by reporting to a Korean diplomatic mission