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Despina Stamatopoulou and Gerald C. Cupchik

hypothesis in art which is related to semantic instability ( Muth and Carbon, 2016 ) and attempts to get through the many options of ambiguity [from Berlyne’s ‘instability and complexity’ to the concept of ‘dichotomy’ ( Pepperell, 2015 )].  3. One of Bernard Noël’s aims as an art critic is to trace the

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Moshe Lavee

works dealing with conversion to Judaism in Late Antiquity, such as those of Shaye Cohen and Martin Goodman. Both demonstrate awareness of the semantic instability of related terms and concepts, and attempt to locate different social categories within historical processes. 28 However, Goodman and Cohen

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Robert Crellin

:53), as well as the semantic instability of the category diachronically. 4 Linguistic analysis of the perfect has tended to focus on its manifestation in English, and therefore a lot of the framework for discussing it has emerged for the purpose of describing the English perfect. A variety of both

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Mormonism and the World Religions Discourse

Contesting the Boundaries of Comparative Religion’s Prevailing Taxonomy

Lee Wiles

’s classificatory status in the pages of Dialogue is at least partly attributable to the semantic instability of the term “world religion” itself. Regardless, there is an advantage to referring to Mormonism as a possible or emerging world religion as opposed to asserting that it has that status in the present