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the cultures of their birth. Once individuals are safely back in their culturally demarcated places, a certain reconciliation can take place. Hanafi departs from Semarang after Corrie’s untimely death leaving behind ‘three close friends’, Corrie herself, now alone in her grave, and two Dutch people

revenge against Parr. 70 But in the absence of clear proof it was considered prudent and in the best interests of the Company to regain the trust and cooperation of the Bugis chief, particularly in view of the anxiety. of the Pengeran for his reconciliation with the Government. The Bengal Government on

distanced itself in its own history from the 'Javanese imperialists'. Rizal Sukma summarizes developments in Aceh since the early 1990s, and is pessimistic about the possibilities of peace and reconciliation. Contrary to Minako Sakai's account of the inability of regional AMAN offices to operate

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? , presents a thorough description of reconciliation efforts by the state, civil society, and cultural interventions, such as Joshua Oppenheimer’s film The Act of Killing . In this section, Robinson describes some of the impediments to those efforts, including the prolonged anticommunist stance

Chapter 4 discusses divorce and reconciliation; all explore women’s agency and gendered sexual ideologies. In my view, the author makes two main contributions: one about women’s agency within the dynamism of marriages, and another about the implementation of the state-based Marriage Law 1974 in what she

himself a just national leader and the one who has brought about total peace and national reconciliation in 1998 through his Win-Win strategy. Challenging Hun Sen’s rule, Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, the leaders of the democrats and the Cambodian National Rescue Party, invoked the narrative of Cambodia

, more abstractly, by a universal community of Catholics. In this, a diverse collection of people are bound together by common acts of worship—such as the act of attending mass, baptism, or reconciliation—and belief in a common destiny. In terms of production, agricultural tools and planting techniques

Developemnt ( UNYPAD ) UNYPAD has been involved in initiatives of reconciliation, conflict management, and peace building. After presenting an analysis about the way in which UNYPAD is involved in these interventions, we will further elaborate on some of the analytical consequences of our empirical