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Variations on the Myth of the Abduction of Ganymede

Intertextuality and Narratology

Polyxeni Strolonga

subsequent use of the object contrasts with its past noble employment. An object of reconciliation becomes an object associated with trickery. In Hellanicus’s and Apollodorus’s versions, the gift of horses that reconciles Zeus and Tros after Ganymede’s abduction becomes an object of contention, leading to

Zina Giannopoulou

Odyssey 23–24; and (3) the cultural motif of reconciliation between Odysseus and the families of the dead suitors (2007: 19). Kahane sees closure in the fact that “the end of the poem binds together the poem’s many common themes: the return, both ‘outer’ … and ‘inner,’ as Odysseus regains his identity

Alex Andrew Antoniou

dedicated to Augustus posthumously. 49 The second is that the games were dedicated to Augustus while he was alive, but because Neapolis was so fundamentally Greek in heritage, Dio must not have considered the city to have been part of Italy. 50 Again, such attempts at reconciliation are unnecessary. The


Lucie Storchová

, however, not only adopt, but also adapt them for a new cultural environment, new needs and functions? The aim of this study was to investigate the debate on the origin of the Bohemians (as a specifically defined community) and its reconciliation with (implicitly supranational) concepts of Europe, Asia and


Françoise Frazier

Edited by Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta

τοιαύτῃ φιλοφροσύνῃ (769B3) : s’ exprime ici la même conviction que dans les Coniugalia praecepta , où les aphrodisia sont l’ occasion de la réconciliation dans les premiers temps, un peu agités, du mariage où les jeunes caractères s’ affrontent. Le plaisir s’ efface pour permettre l’ éclosion du


Ulrich Heinen

Europe and its family entangled in fratricidal warfare. As a first sign of hope, the supplication of Europe/ Antverpia indeed already results in clearer skies as a sign of God’s reconciliation. From the sky, a putto floats down and brings Mars and Venus back together again by keeping the bewildered Fury

Huss, Bernhard (Berlin)

there for the first time (cf. Discovery, Rediscovery). The L. of the Renaissance thus came about through a reconciliation of practical and theoretical literary approaches and forms of the Middle Ages...

geographical reconciliation of modern and ancient place names and the index for locating place names in the Index Volume of Brill’s New Pauly (forthc.).

H.G. Viljoen

, Anth. L. G., II, Diehl: This popular song is form Argum. Theocr., p. 3, Wendell. The note tells us that the Syracusan populace thought that Artemis was considered to have been the cause of the reconciliation of the contending parties when araav divided the citizens: <xtTLOC yeyov6voct In the last line