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Raymond Anthony

location within a complex of human activities. Th us, any assessment and assurance program dealing with animals’ welfare should not consider only their biology, psychological and physical endowments or adaptations, ontogenic development, or hus- bandry circumstances. Context-specifi c intervention also

Erica Gittins

Late Glacial in north-west Europe: Human adaptation and environmental change at the end of the Pleistocene 1991 London, UK Council for British Archaeology 63 71 Aujoulat N. Le relevé des oeuvres pariétales Paléolithiques: Enregistrement et traitement des données Documents d

Eric S. Greene

of compassion if changes in the perceptions and behavior towards other animals are to occur. The Sun Dance is a study in sociocultural change and adaptation, the mobilization of cultural resources. The integration of spirituality into daily life and its impact on the interactions between Native

Harold Herzog

in the context of this environment of evolutionary adaptation . As Cosmides and Tooby (1997) put it, “Our modern skulls house a stone age mind.” Society & Animals 10:4 © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2002 3. Our ancestors confronted sets of speciŽc problems (avoiding predation, Žnding food

David Whitley

affiliations that bind even apparently very different kinds of being together, and delighting in the different forms her body takes, in both its marine and earthly adaptations. This is an eccentric film, but it is hard to resist its poetic impulse towards a restorative binding together of elements we normally

Home Is Where the Zoo Is

Mixed Messages in We Bought a Zoo, Madagascar 3, and Life of Pi

Tanja Schwalm

toward nonhuman animal use and calls the film industry’s own “natural” use of nonhuman animals into question. Life of Pi Ang Lee describes the gist of his adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel of the same title as “really portraying the journey of a person in relation to nature and to the self” (“Ang

Brian Jory, William Fleming and David Burton

: Resiliency, coping and adaptation, inventories for research and prac- tice (pp. 725-751). Madison: University of Wisconsin Press. McCubbin, H., Thompson, A., & Elver, K. (1995b). FPSC: Family problem solving com- munication. In H. McCubbin, A. Thompson, & M. McCubbin (Eds.). Family assess- ment: Resiliency

Coley Vitztum and Julie Urbanik

serve as part of the explanation for the outcome. Demonstrated measurement of the dog’s behavior based on concepts such as adaptation, decision-making, purpose, and sensitivity (Bray, MacLean, & Hare, 2013 ; Horowitz, 2009 ) are applicable to aat . Additionally, human measures are potentially

Alan Costall

animal intelligence and purposiveness figured centrally in Darwin's own accounts of both sexual and natural selection. According to Darwin, the process of adaptation was not to be construed exclusively as a one-sided "fitting" of organisms to a pre- existing and fixed set of circumstances. Rather animals

James Serpell

and the means to beneŽt emotionally and physi- cally from this. For the animals, it has created a novel ecological niche, a set of unusual evolutionary selection pressures, and a variety of corresponding adaptations—some of which are detrimental to the animals’ welfare. In this 448 • James A. Serpell